"General Studio" designation?

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    Originally posted by Deb on tribe.net.Is "General Studio" the FCBD-approved term for ATS instructors who are graduates of GS and Teacher Training, but are not yet Sister Studios? Its listed on the ATS Belly Dance website - a href=http://atsbellydance.com/instructors.html title=atsbellydance.com/instructors.htmlatsbellydance.com/instructors.html/a - but I hadnt heard it before.



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Im not sure of that answer, but you can email Carolena and ask. fcbd@fcbd.com Shes really good about getting back swiftly.br/br/Or, you could go to TribalStar Galactica and do a search there for other studios to see how they list themselves. This is the most comprehensive of, not only ATS, but all forms of tribal. And it is hosted by FCBD. a href=http://www.fcbd.com/tribal/tribalStarGalactica.php title=www.fcbd.com/tribal/trib...alactica.phpwww.fcbd.com/tribal/trib...alactica.php/a



    Originally posted by Deb on tribe.net.Thanks, Sandi, Ill check with Carolena.



    Originally posted by Bobbi on tribe.net.Please let us know what she says, Thanks!



    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.That site is not run by Carolena, but by a former Sister Studio member, so she may have her own take on the naming of studios that is different from Carolenas!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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