Ghawazee sequence used in fade

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    Originally posted by Amina b on of my students asked me a question about the Ghawazee sequence used in a fade. After the sequence has been started, 8 cts to front, then 16 cts qtr turns, can you use the second set of 8cts moving the fade prior to the 16 ct diagonal? br/br/I hope this makes sence! =Pbr/br/I have not seen this before, but thought I would ask. I have been teaching another step to start the fade and the second half can come after that. Thank you..



    Originally posted by Wendy on, you can, although as you fade, the arms need to come up, and thats a bit on the awkward side in the Ghawazee. Well often switch to an Arabic for the fade, then drop back in to the Ghawazee to finish the combo.



    Originally posted by Vicky on do arabic to fade as well. I also really like to do the first half of Ghawazee, then do a few other moves in between, then finish the ghawazee later on in the song, instead of back to back. I feel its a little more interesting to the audience that way. 🙂



    Originally posted by Amina b on use the Egyptian or Arabic as well. It was the second half 8 ct Ghawazee moving backwards... The arms out would be awkward. Thanks for the follow up. I appreciate It!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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