Ghawazee Shimmy Combo

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    Originally posted by Charlottio on!br/We have been teaching this move as such -br/br/8 counts facing forwardbr/16 counts on the quartersbr/ counts forwardbr/16 counts half turns on diagonalsbr/br/Our eagle-eyed students mentioned deviating from the 8 and 16 counts which can be seen carried out in 4 and 8 counts in quite a few vids - are there any guidelines on this? Is it pre-agreed or just according to how the music breaks?br/br/a href= kicks off at 1.18br/ br/a href= at 1.29br/ br/a href= at 2.39br/br/Cheers!br/xxbr/



    Originally posted by jesse on Charlotte :)br/br/Yes, we divide the Ghawazee shimmy combo too! I never thought it was something that was pre-arraged, because its gradual enough that youll be able to see the cue into the next movement (our fav. is the Arabic or the Egyptian) Its really fun and it plays on the memory - once the group has performed the quarter turns (or the first half) - anyone can take over lead and finish off the combo - obviously in the same song ;)br/br/Its really playful especially if you hit it on the perfect time in the music :)br/br/xj



    Originally posted by Charlottio on Jessebr/Thanks for the reply chicken!br/But its not so much dividing the move I was asking about but that I had previously thought the combo was done over 8 counts, then 16, then 8 and then the vids show the ladies doing 4 counts only facing forwards, rather than 8, before talking it into the turning, or sometimes they only do 8 counts turning rather than wondering if the 8, 16, 8, 16 "rule" perhaps is not so strict and we can adjust it to fit the music?br/Cheers!br/xx



    Originally posted by Sandi on "rule" is nice to get used to, but really what were going for is to set up the Ghawazee Shimmies before going into the quarters or halves. So, if we dont catch setting it up for 8, we go for 4. As long as we can set it up beforehand, we know when to start based on the music phrasing. But you are correct in thinking that sticking to 8s will keep you on phrasing also. Sometimes you just gotta improvise. ;D



    Originally posted by jesse on *blush* sorry I misread the question!!! 🙂 yeah it was my understanding that you would just follow the phrasing of the music like Sandi explained :)br/br/btw Sandi I love the "...sometimes you just gotta improvise!" lol 🙂 awesome. Its funny that sometimes we get caught up in the rules and the specific set ups that some combos have that we do forget to improvise and have faith that our fellow dancers are spacially/musically aware enough that the lead may change something a bit quicker than expected! Thats what I really love about ATS!



    Originally posted by Valizan on a Facebook and "Likes" Jesse and Sandis "improvise" statement:: br/br/:)



    Originally posted by Charlottio on Valizan - hahahahahaahhahahahahabr/@ Sandi & Jesse - thanks again for your advice and input, I do seem to be on this Tribe an awful lot lately!br/Mua xx



    Originally posted by nix on folks,br/br/Ive almost got my head around it. The parts I cant figure out are this:br/br/If you improvise and have to cut it short to catch the phrasing, would that mean all counts are cut in half?br/br/Examples:br/br/You set it up with 8 and 16 1/4s. You return to it but have to improvise so you only do 4 counts and then Could a leader still do 16 1/2s ?br/b. or only do 8 1/2 s because they cut the counts in half when they returned to the combo?br/c. Improv: It doesnt matter because its easy enough as a follower to come out of the 1/2s whenever the leader does. (I do this often and its easy to follow the leader when youve lost count of how many 1/2 turns youve done 🙂 )br/br/Could you improv the 1st half of the combo?br/br/So you setup only 4 counts and then for the 1/4 turns:br/a. Still do 16 counts?br/b. or only do 8 counts?br/c. Doesnt matter improvise and follow leaderbr/br/Im getting the general impression that you still teach the entire combo to beginners as 8 16 ...8 16 but when it comes to the point that youre performing together, youre tight enough with the girls that you can react to improv changes initiated by a leader?br/br/Ta all!



    Originally posted by Sandi on to the last paragraph.

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