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    Hey everybody!Has anyone got any interesting suggestions for music for teaching Head Slides? I'm looking for pieces that have lots of nice moments you might want to add Head Slides, though in a false classroom drilling environment where you might want to throw in quite a few (as opposed to in a performance where you might do it once.)Does that make sense?Thanks in advance! 🙂



    How about “Omar”? It's from the album Awakening, by Gypsy Caravan.



    As far as class time drilling goes, some of these might work:Sami'i (10/4) - by Helm on Tribal Dance Tribal DrumsMasmoudi - same as aboveChifte-Telli 8:4 - by Solace on Rhythm of the DanceMasmoudi 8:4 - same as aboveQuiero Mas Moodi - Masmoodi Kabir - by Uncle Mafufo on Drumsongs for DancersAny slow song (what we would dance slow to) with a steady rhythm can be useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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