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    Originally posted by Michaeline on desperately need your insight on formation of a bsic chorus belong to a large ATS/ITS troupe (11 members) for 5 years now and we almost always form a chorus line in performance. It has been the left hand side (dancers perspective) is the chorus leader and faces dance angle. Behind her is the next dancer slightly to the right again angled. This continues creating a definite curve on the left and essentially ends in an almost straight line stage right. The overall look is almost a Nike Swoosh. All right hips face the center of the stage which the core dancers are dancing at in their own formation. br/ br/There is a very slight inward curve of the main line in order to keep sight lines of the lead chorus dancer free. br/br/Now occasionally, the chorus end (caboose) might get squished and not make it into the swoosh line and have to create an almost U shape. In order to keep the right hip facing the center of stage and maintain similar positioning of the rest of the chorus, then the back of that dancer is partially shown to the audience. br/br/But I was thrown for a loop when at dance class last night, the instructor (who we all love and adore) said that the chorus line must form a deep U and that the caboose dancer must face outward to the audience at dance angle to see the lead dancer still. That would mean the caboose dancers right hip would face stage right and outward almost facing the wings of the stage. I was told to have any of the back showing to the audience is rude and does not "honor the dancers in the center of the stage".br/br/To me, this dancer is at an odd angle compared to the rest of the chorus just to keep their back from much discussion, nothing was really solved but the instructor then changed her positioning and said that we must all "honor the dancer" and have the chorus line must face frontally towards the center of the stage. So now our sternums are facing center and our heads are cocked to the left to see the lead chorus member. Right hips are no longer towards the am then went on youtube and watched FCBD & Dev at Cues & Tatoos with a chorus line. I saw the chorus leader in regular front position with right hip facing center, then I saw the next person in a similar line with the right hip facing center also. But the next dancers were in the frontal position with sternums facing the center and the "caboose" dancer was at a weird angle a hybrid of of rt hip and sternum facing center but I can clearly see part of her back as an audience, I am still is the proper simple chorus line formation??????????????br/br/Overall shape???????????????????br/br/Which body part faces center (dancers in the center)??????????????????????br/br/Thank you in advance for any input!



    Originally posted by Sandi on you describe on the video is what we use at FCBD. The end of the chorus gets tricky because you dont really want to have your back to the audience, but you dont want to break the line of the chorus either. So, the whole chorus of hips gradually fan out (not pointed in to the center), so that the end person can torque slightly the upper body towards the center (not facing out to the audience). So the audience actually gets more of a side view of the end overall shape is a U/horseshoe/crescent that helps!



    Originally posted by Michaeline on You!!!!! Your post definitely helps out. Now just to get it worked out with the troupe members to get it looking right.

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