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    Originally posted by Vicky on there!br/br/I just started level 3 ATS a few weeks ago, and Im loving every minute of it! We learned spins recently, and while I adore them, I cant seem to get my body to cooporate. I understand the general concept of how it *should* work: right foot steps to 1 oclock while head spots to 1oclock, right foot steps in front of left to 7 oclock, head whips around to spot at 1 oclock, and repeat. My head doesnt seem to want to play along, though. I think my muscle memory may be taking over from doing the last part of the Ghawazee shimmy, where you spot to 11 oclock, then spot to 5 oclock. I guess I just cant quite figure out how to spot to just one place. Ive tried a lot to just practice spins super-slowed down, concentrating on when exactly I need to whip my head around in relation to when my feet are moving, but even that gets me dizzy pretty whats youre secret? Any tips or tricks for mastering spins?



    Originally posted by Jennifer on of it will just take time and practice! As you mentioned, you may have some other muscle memory to get past, and that will only happen with Im sorry if Im oversimplifying this, but when you are spotting, do you actually pick something to look at, or are you just thinking about the 1 oclock angle? It always helps me to look at 1 oclock the first time and pick something there to look at - corner of the wall, a door, another person thats standing over there (in the case of performance it is sometimes a person in the audience, or just over their head). br/br/Another tip for spins, though you havent mentioned this - remember to smile and relax your face. I have many pictures of myself from when I first started performing ATS where I have a "deer caught in headlights" look on my face because I am concentrating *too* much about that spot that I need to be looking at!



    Originally posted by Ottavina on addition to having a thing to spot, rather than just keeping the 1 oclock in mind, I need to do a fairly long blink, once I start to whip my head around. If I do no blink or a short normal blink, I get very dizzy. br/br/I still havent figured out how to do this up to speed. Some day Ill get it. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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