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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on ladies! In the past, has anyone registered for any of the intensives, paid for it, then had the sponsor cancel at the last minute and then not refunded your money? The sponsor for the Pine River intensives, GS, TT1 and TT2 canceled last week via facebook and is telling us that the money is in a paypal account that her husband controls and she cannot access it. Obvioulsy they are not together right now. Any suggestions on how to handle this? I am out over $1k without any air fare. Some of the ladies are out airfare plus the intensive fees and I dont think everyone knows it has been canceled because there was no personal notification. br/br/I would appreciate any thoughts on this situation and also, how can one be assured to some level of certainty, something like cant happen Joan



    Originally posted by Carrie on!! That is scary. Luckily, Ive never run into that problem. She a) should have opened a separate account for this b) should be doing everything she can to get people their money back. br/br/I hope it all works out sooner than later.



    Originally posted by Hollie S on think Carolena needs to be notified about this situation. Even though it is not her fault, the situation does involve her to a point and can give negative feelings towards her and her wonderful reputation. I would personally contact her because she may not be aware of the situation. Hope the problem is resolved =(



    Originally posted by Isabella K on Joanbr/You must be very distressed. This is a most unusual situation (in my experience). I hope the situation resolves itself shortly.



    Originally posted by Shay M on yuck. 🙁 dont know what else to say except that I sympathize with you. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but it doesnt sound like the woman is refusing a refund, just that right now she cannot access the money. I would think that legal action on her part would be the next step, and barring that, small claims court legal action on your part would be next. br/br/Carolena could do nothing about this, she is just a hosted instructor and would not be able to do anything more than you can do. I think most everyone can understand that a cancellation on the part of the host has nothing to do with the it all pans out soon!



    Originally posted by Mary Ann on also am out over $1000 plus cancellation fees of several hundred. I paid the majority of the training fees by check rather than PayPal. The check was cashed and I still was not able to get a refund. I was not notified of the cancellation and found out by checking the website this weekend. The sponsor has been pretty this is not Carolenas problem or responsibility, I agree she should be made aware of the situation. This kind of thing may make many people leary of making payments in advance to sponsors they dont know. This could make it difficult to offer these types of trainings in the future.



    Originally posted by Heidi on just saw it was cancelled today ONLY by going to FCBD website and then the hosts website. This is not good. I too am a good chunck of change. Thankfully, I didnt purchase air. (thinking to myself "think positive... think positive...think positive... *breathe*")



    Originally posted by Heidi on! Im not a good chunk of change, Im out of a good chunk of change though.. lmbo!



    Originally posted by Heidi on"This kind of thing may make many people leary of making payments in advance to sponsors they dont know. This could make it difficult to offer these types of trainings in the future." - Totally agree!






    Originally posted by Mary Ann on for posting. I am not connected to her on facebook and she seems to be announcing information to the affected group through facebook.....



    Originally posted by katie on All,br/br/I have just pursued the PayPal dispute option to the fullest extent possible, and have been informed that my complaint cant be addressed via their resolution process because I paid for these workshops more than 45 days ago. br/br/However, I DO RECOMMEND that any of us who used PayPal to sign up for the Minnesota ATS Intensives register our disputes anyway, because a) this is what the organizer told us to do in order to get a refund and b) the transaction number and complaint are kept on record, which could be a useful documentation if we have to take legal too was not contacted about this cancellation and only learned of it by chance. The organizer has apparently lost possession of her computer records and cant be sure who to contact nor who paid what, etc. I also lost 75% of my airfare and made a total mess of my work schedule and class plans for the next couple of months. br/br/Yeah, this sucks. But, looking for any positive facet in this mess, I see that there is something to learn. Im organizing the Sep. 2011 CrestoneTribal Intensives and am getting a strong, clear message Note to Self : keep paper copies of everything !!! Lots of people have been urging me to rely on Excel, Outlook, PayPal and so on to do the thinking for me, but although I may use these conveniences, I am going to have a good old fashioned ledger, room chart and notebook with every single bit of information written in there by my own little hand. I will also keep all the monies is a dedicated account and will refrain from spending any of it beyond worskhop costs until I am certain that the event has been completed successfully and to everyones satisfaction. Lastly, in case I get struck by lightning or my husband goes crazy, I will have one or two trusted dance partners remain current with the registration process, location of records and funds, is a good reminder to me (and all of us) to exercise the highest care and professionalism, whether organizing only a small, day-long class or a ten-day



    Originally posted by Heidi on! Youre very welcome. ill post any info I find. She may not have access to Tribe let alone ATSGSTT. I am not directly connected to her on facebook but "liked" the Mystic Caravan facebook page where the info is being is her email address for those who may not have it:br/mysticcaravanats@gmail.combr/br/Since I emalied her today she has been spot on responsive and is desperately trying to resolve this issue, to include involving a lawyer. I had the same issue with Paypal and I informed her of the issue. br/br/This is very frustrating and costly to us. Im keeping in mind that unexpected horrible events can happen at any time and to have faith that she will work this out. I wish her the best during this life event that has happened to her and having this workshop cancellation mess on top of it all has got to be difficult to handle. br/



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on points Kaite! I too cannot recoup through Paypal because I paid months ago but I will call back and push the dispute process. They told me the other day that I was essentailly SOL. br/br/My business partner and I are committed to GS and TT in April 2012 and plan to do as you recommend. We are both from the old school and already do a lot of manual tracking in tandem with electronic files. My LLC already has a separate paypal accout set up for my business. In general, co-mingling business funds and personal funds is a big NO NO!br/br/Lesson learned. Not to complicate the intensive planning process, but perhaps, the event sponsor should either go through some sort of credit check or recommendation process. br/br/Hope this is resolved swiftly and civilly. Joan



    Originally posted by Heidi on stuff Katie! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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