How much do you choreograph your formations / switching?

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    Originally posted by Charlottio on sure this question is like how long is a piece of string, but I would be interested to know how people prepare a set for 6 or 7 you always decide who is going to dance which song, or part of the song? And at what point the groups are going to shift?br/Or do you leave the beginning and end improvised with a set formation, say Duelling Duets, in the middle?br/How often do you have a completely improvised set, with it left completely to the flow as to who comes in and out and when?br/So Im not talking about choreographing the moves themselves, just the formation and no of dancers and switching the dancers between chorus and so much!br/x



    Originally posted by Wendy on, it usually goes something like this: Say there are 7 of us: "okay we have Hosanni Oo, FatChance, Fallahi and Anathema. Lets start with a trio to Hosanni Oo. Then how about starting with a duet to FatChance, bring in another duet for a dueling duet, end in a quartet? Then a power duet to Fallahi, and for Anathema, we could do a 1,2,3 pickup. " "Sounds good, so, who wants to dance to what?" We choose what we want to dance to, review it quickly, then go on. br/br/That is how FatChance generally does it, although we each have our own way of running a gig. br/br/We do work on knowing when is a good time to leave, if we are sharing songs. In gigs where we have a smaller group, say 3, we dont split the songs up, so each group dances to a whole song. We always have a game plan. We never completely wing it. br/br/Hope this helps! br/br/Wendy



    Originally posted by Charlottio on Wendybr/Sorry for late response... Yes - that helps billions!br/Erm, can I ask, whats a 1,2,3 pickup?br/Thanks so much!br/xx



    Originally posted by Wendy on pickup is starting a song with a solo, then bringing in a second dancer, the duet dances for awhile, then adds a third, etc.



    Originally posted by Sandi on many times well do a 2, 3, 4 pickup - duet, trio, quartet. :}



    Originally posted by Charlottio on ladies!



    Originally posted by Lucy on this be considered ATS? Asking cos it includes a solo. I have arranged something like this for a performance at the weekend and lo, a post appears on the exact thing! Wonderful 😀 xxx



    Originally posted by Sandi on a thread that talks about solos, but I mainly wanted to point out Wendys response. It is just what I think Carolena would say for a question like href= you go to the ATS tribe and do a search on "solo" there are other threads to read as well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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