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    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Do you run them on the same schedule (both classes are doing Turkish Shimmy during the same week, etc.), or do you run them split - so when one class is on Class 1, the other class in the same week is on Class 7, etc. Or something else entirely?br/br/Looking at adding a second Level 2 class for my students, and I can see benefits and drawbacks to both of these options, so just wondering how other teachers set it up.br/br/Thanks!



    Originally posted by Valizan on tribe.net.Hm. I am not sure if Im going to answer your question properly or not.br/br/I am a gypsy teacher who roams from studio to studio. In one studio I teach three levels, in another I teach two. Not everyone is at the same level. Level 1 are doing the same classes for the most part, save for when I cannot attend a class, then their schedules dont match anymore. They may be off by a week.br/br/Forinstance: Canadian holidays tend to fall on Mondays. So my Monday class tends to be on a different schedule than the Thursday class because I miss a day or two due to holiday closures.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Hi Valizan, gypsy teacher.br/br/Heres a better explanation of what Im asking. ;)br/br/First, I follow this schedule: a href=http://fcbd.com/instruction/format.shtml title=fcbd.com/instruction/format.shtmlfcbd.com/instruction/format.shtml/abr/br/I am starting a new session the first week of January. Some of my Level 2 ladies have asked that I offer a second Level 2 class so they can come twice a week. (These are mostly ladies who have been doing Level 1 + Level 2 concurrently for 6 months or so.)br/br/So, if I had two classes, on Tuesday and Thursday, I could either teach Class One on both nights, Class Two on both nights the next week, etc. This would continue for 12 weeks until the next session starts.br/br/Or, I could say Tuesdays start with Class One, and Thursdays start with Class Seven, and run the 12-week cycle for both, continuously, and they would always be staggered by 6 weeks.br/br/Pro to a staggered schedule: Level One students could move up every 6 weeks, instead of only every 12 weeks. People coming to class twice a week would be continuously working on more moves at a time, so they dont get rusty on the second half of the schedule when we start back again at Week One.br/br/Cons to a staggered schedule: More to keep track of in terms of lesson plans in my brain at one time. 😉 More for the twice-a-week students to keep track of in their brains (like - hmm, on Tuesday, so far we practice only the basic moves, plus Turkish Shimmy and Reach and Sit, but on Thursday we can practice the basic moves plus 8 more).br/br/And out of curiosity, Valizan - do any of your students come to your classes at both studios, or do they tend to stick to one studio only?



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.At the FC studio, we have multiple L1 and L2 classes, and we teach the same class all week. Its nice if you want to really work on a particular movement, you can get more chances in a close period of time when its all still fresh.



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.Hi Jennifer,br/br/We teach three level 1s on the same schedule per week and we teach two level 2s per week both on the same schedule. The flexibility is great for those that may have an issue that comes up on their regularly chosen class night. If you were to run two classes but on different schedules, you would lose that flexibility. Many new students have taken classes from us because we offer that flexibility.br/br/jms



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.At FCBD, we keep the L1s and L2s the same throughout the week. When Week 6 is done for L1, we start over the following week, while L2 will continue going with the 12-week cycle. So every other week, youll have L1/W1 & L2/W7, L1/W2 & L2/W8, and so on.br/br/This really works for those who dont feel they have the moves down after only one 6-week cycle of L1. So, they take another cycle and then join L2 when it is at W1 again. That is, if we are feeling they are ready.br/br/Usually, by the time a L1 student has finished a cycle, they realize that it is much harder than it looks and continue with L1 until they feel ready. Since our L1/L2 classes are drop-in, they really can come in at any point in the cycles, but many like to stick to the 1-6 and 1-12 order.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Thanks, everyone!br/br/That is how I have been running mine so far, Sandi, except that I dont do drop-in, just 6 week sessions. I require that students take L1 at least twice, and some do 3 (or more) times by their own choice, and a few times I have asked students to do Level 1 a third time.br/br/Sounds like keeping the two Level 2 classes running along the same track is the way to go - I appreciate the feedback! (Also, Im just excited that I have enough students and enough interest to have 2 Level Two classes running!)



    Originally posted by icy on tribe.net.When I was running two separate locations, this is exactly what I would do. Both locations would be on the same schedule. Not only for the opportunity for them to work twice as much on the same move. It also made it easier for me to keep track where everyone was at in the Levels....more for me than for them ;)~br/br/Plus my locations were close enough that when performance opportunities for the "students" came up they were on the same page and able to perform together. They love this aspect, that some of them traveled to each others locations just so they could learn each others body language.



    Originally posted by Valizan on tribe.net."And out of curiosity, Valizan - do any of your students come to your classes at both studios, or do they tend to stick to one studio only? "br/br/I have two who arent afraid to travel, but most stick to one studio. They are so far apart, it isnt really viable to drive that much. Especially during Canadian winter.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Thanks, Valizan. br/br/So far I have taught all my classes in one studio, but am renting a new one now for this second Level 2 (there is no more room on the schedule for me to rent more at the orginal studio). They are only 5 minutes apart though, so even in Canadian winter, I think my most addicted students will come to both locations. 🙂 One day Ill make it to Ontario for your classes!



    Originally posted by Rita on tribe.net.Sofia Studio runs the FCBD schedule, so both Level 2 classes learn the same moves each week. Granted, new students coming into Level 2 midway are at a disadvantage, but we tell them not to worry...they will pick up the moves they have missed as time goes on. It is really only an issue the first time a student rotates through Level 2.



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.thats cool. I dont let people come into a session half way through. I have them wait until the beginning and take another level 1 in the mean time.

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