Indian Fusion for ATS dancers

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    Originally posted by katie on my Tribe friends;br/br/I dont want to get spanked by Wendy for spam 🙂 , but I hope that if this subject line caught your eye, youll visit the EVENTS tab on this tribe. Im posting something pretty special there that has to do with Indian been a while since Ive logged on and I notice with mixed feelings that Tribe gets visited less and less by fewer and fewer dancers. The conversations and threads remain really valuable to me, though, so I hope we can continue to use it. Over on the Teachers page there is discussion of moving this type of forum to Facebook or elsewhere. Personally, I like the thread-style clarity and focus of Tribe, but I find it tedious to share and publicize the happenings connected to my studio/ troupe/ classes, because of the specificity of the Events Tab and the fact that almost no-one looks or posts there anymore. I do not want to violate our no-spam agreements either. However, there are lots of women on Tribe who are not my FB friends and I do want to reach out to them. Even though they are commercial, arent workshops and events the place where we often meet in person & form lasting friendships ?br/br/I would LIKE to believe that, as a dancer and teacher, Im committed enough that I will gladly spend extra time to visit a site (Tribe) just for serious discussion about technique and all things ATS, but the truth is I want to streamline and minimize computer time. It is just plain true as long as we need social media to help us with our work, we will gravitate to a format where it is easier / permitted to "advertise" our offerings alongside our discussions. br/br/So, that was my sneaky way of both alerting you to that thing over on Events (which has to do with Indian Fusion.....) and to ask what you all, & Wendy dear Moderator, think about the waning use of Tribe and especially the Events to allbr/Katiebr/br/

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