L1 & L2 Class Musings, 7/25

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    Originally posted by Teejei on tribe.net.Hi all!br/br/My Level One class yesterday was intended to be a crash course in beginning zils for the several new students I have had for Level One. I planned most of the class around that. The group that attended, however, was comprised of women who had at least worn zils in their cabaret classes. So, we went over some finer points of holding and playing, and the ATS zil structure. Then I just had to move on to drilling Egyptian Basic and introducing Arabic, with zils of course. br/br/I was a bit worried that it wouldnt be challenging enough, but once again I recalled my experiences in mixed level yoga and martial arts classes. The beginners were to focus on transitions with the feet and arms, and playing a clean triplet; the more advanced ladies were to really refine the arms, the posture, and focus on the one-two-THREE downbeat of the triplet. br/br/In Level Two, we worked on Camel Step and then focused on technique for it and other standard level one moves. br/br/The moral of my story: The studio was full of happy and intent workers, who came to me and appreciated my insistence on clean technique. Im getting better and better at gently pushing students to realize their potential through repetitive practice. Its all in how you present the process! br/br/-Teejeibr/br/p.s. Id really LOVE to read other teachers class musings, if yall ever have the time to post em. 😉



    Originally posted by Teejei on tribe.net.--I also meant to say that in Level One, we did have extra time at the end of class to review Taxeem with Arms, and Im glad we did. A few ladies werent present for the Arm undulations, so I briefly went back over the importance of the posture, then the shoulders, then elbows, then hands. Then pointed out the diagonal lines made by the arms and hips, then we drilled that. Its so fantastic to begin to see really great arms appear on students who are 3 weeks into their ATS class! I might be doing something right!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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