Level 1: Taqsim…and reverse?

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    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.Hello lovelies!br/br/I was wondering to myself today....when you teach your students taqsim in Level 1, do you also address/teach/drill a reverse taqsim? If so, how do you help them, understand the difference, and when to use one or the other? if not, when do you teach reverse, or do you ever?



    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.Sorry for any typos and such. Typin with a bandaid on mah finger. 🙂 LOL



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.I teach Reverse Taxeem in Level 2, Class 12, as defined here: a href=http://fcbd.com/instruction/format.shtml title=fcbd.com/instruction/format.shtmlfcbd.com/instruction/format.shtml/abr/br/I dont even mention that there is a reverse taxeem when I teach taxeem. I find that some girls naturally want to do reverse taxeem, and I dont want them to think that they can just do it their easier way and not concentrate on improving taxeem, which is used more often.



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.I wait til wk 12, level 2. If I get a level 1 student who does the reverse off the bat, I explain that that *is* a move, but it is a different move, and that they need to work on the regular taxeem.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.what they all said.... including the ones who throw in a reverse [or as they all call it, a Maya].... i say the same thing to them, and encourage them to focus on the taqsim only, for now.



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Ditto.br/br/When I get to the Reverse Taxeem, I do the same breakdown as the regular one, but the opposite direction. I use my fingers to trace the path as my hips travel and as Im describing the pattern. "Up through the center, out and down, switch, up through the center, out and down." As opposed to "Down through the center, out and up, switch, down through the center, out and up." And at that point, I demonstrate them side-by-side to show the difference.br/br/We also have a little white board in the studio that comes in handy when people need that sort of 2D visual. Drawing infinity symbols with arrows in the directions for each move.



    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.Ah, so many things I would have if I had my own studio. A whiteboard is near the top of my list!br/br/Thanks guys!



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Glad I am not the only one that uses a whiteboard - I asked the studio owner where I rent if I could store one there, and she ended up just putting one on the wall for me. It comes in handy so often!



    Originally posted by Cyndi Cyreigna on tribe.net.I also wait for week 12, level 2....... I think that one or the other comes so naturally to everyone, that they begin to overthink the moves they are finding difficult, and that seems to make the moves even harder to learn/teach. I stick to the ciriculum that FCBD has given...Hey if it aint broke, dont fix it!.. And a white board is definately on my wish list..



    Originally posted by Heidi on tribe.net.I use the mirror to draw on with a dry erase marker.. 🙂 I stick to the cirriculum, but I notice some pick it up as reverse by default, its in their body already. I explain the move to them, but let them know that it will be focused on later.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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