Monthly unlimited passes – formula for pricing?

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    Hi! Does anyone offer monthly unlimited class passes? This fall I'm adding a second night of level 1 and 2 classes, and considering making monthly unlimited a pass option. If you do this, how do you determine pricing that's both attractive enough that students buy, and high enough that you don't end up losing money on it? Lots of yoga and Pilates studios offer such passes, but they have classes every day, so their model doesn't really translate. My goals are things like getting level 1 and 2 students to class more than once a week, giving level 3 students an incentive/perk for attending more than the bare minimum of l1 and 2 classes, and not going broke. If anyone has other ideas for accomplishing those things, I'd love to hear them, too. I know this really belongs in the Business section, but my students have access to that so I'm not comfortable posting about $ stuff there. Thanks!

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