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    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on all,br/br/How are the movement families categorized? which moves go into which family?br/Do you think some moves can go in multiple families? ie. Wet Dog in both Shimmy and Arabic familybr/br/TIA,br/Brandi



    Originally posted by Sandi on off, Wet Dog doesnt utilize an Arabic (the count/step is different), so probably wouldnt be categorized there. Probably the Shimmy think were just talking about fast moves here, so Id say most moves fall into the basic 3 foot positions - Hip Bump, Shimmy & Arabicbr/br/Yeeeeeyyyy, this is a good assignment! :Dbr/br/So, under those 3 categories, list all the moves you think will go under them. Some will be in a category of their own, but try to figure out what they might be related to. Some may be on more than one list. br/br/Get up, do the moves and ask yourself, "does it have a bump? Does it have a shimmy? Does it have an Arabic step?"br/br/Ready, GO!



    Originally posted by Wendy on, I agree with Sandi, that the famlies of movement are related to the 3 foot positions. And there are 3 foot positions, but 4 families of movement. br/br/When it comes to slow, youve got side-to-side, front to back, and circular movements, so perhaps those could be classified as families, Ill find out from Carolena.



    Originally posted by Carrie on is very relevant. br/I have a challenge that I give my Level 3 students sometimes. They have to choose one move from each family of movement (Bump, Shimmy, Arabic) and put those together in a complimentary girl used ASWAAT for bother her Arabic and Shimmy move (<---clever). But questions did come up about some moves that dont fit into those categories or have a little of



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on everyone,br/br/Ive been meaning to do this since I attended a workshop with Devi Mamak last year and she mentioned something similar. br/br/Carrie weve done the same exercise with our students. Its lots of fun. We also sometimes get them to see how many movements from the same family they can dance through whilst still keeping things interesting and keeping cues clear enough for their followers. br/br/Re: the slow vocab I guess you could also group it into stationery; travelling and turning movements? Though thered be loads of crossover there too.



    Originally posted by Carrie on we suppose to list them out?br/If so this is how I see things:br/br/Hip Bump Family-br/Pivotbr/Choo Choobr/Arcbr/Single br/Doublebr/Reach and Sitbr/Up 2 Down 3br/Chicobr/Ra-Shamkabr/br/br/Arabic Family-br/Arabicbr/Hip Twist br/1,2,3sbr/Orbitbr/br/Shimmy Familiy-br/Shimmybr/Turkish Shimmy br/TS with Armsbr/Ghawazeebr/Sanundabr/Arabic Shimmybr/Reversebr/Wet Dog?br/br/Other-br/Egyptianbr/EB Full Turnbr/Double Backbr/Spinsbr/SS HDbr/Water Potbr/br/Did I forget anything? A troupe member and I discussed Arabic Shimmy and ASWAAT. I feel like since the base move is Arabic with a Shimmy layered on top, I would categorize it in the Arabic Family BUT since the shimmy is so prevalent maybe it should be in the shimmy, SS HD is questionable. I dont see it being in Bump so maybe it belongs in Shimmy instead of Other?br/br/I dont know any of the new moves since I wasnt at Cues and Tattoos. -Looking forward to learning



    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on guess I compared Wet Dog with Arabic because I was imaging rolling down the had made a list as follows:br/br/Shimmy Family:br/Shimmy Stepbr/Turkish Shimmy br/Turkish Shimmy with Armsbr/Ghawazee Shimmybr/Reverse Shimmybr/Sunandabr/Wet Dogbr/Shoulder Shimmy/Hip Dropbr/Arabic Shimmybr/Arabic Shimmy with Armsbr/br/Arabic Family:br/Arabic Stepbr/Arabic 123br/Arabic Hip Twist + Flourishbr/Arabic Orbitbr/Arabic Shimmybr/Arabic Shimmy with Armsbr/Waterpot (simply b/c its cued from Arabic???)br/Wet Dog (I feel a similar rolling down the body)br/br/Pivot Bump Family:br/Pivot Bump/Choo-choobr/Arc Armsbr/Reach n Sitbr/Up2Down3br/Double Bumpbr/Single Bumpbr/Reshamkabr/Chico 4 Cornersbr/Double Backbr/br/I put Egyptian +1/2 turn +full turn + Spins as its own familybr/br/Wendy, you mentioned 3 foot positions, but 4 families, what is the 4th family?br/



    Originally posted by Wendy on right, Egyptian is the other family. Reach and sit, to me, is kind of in between the two. Both the Pivot Bump and Reach and Sit are right side active, but the R&S has a swivel like the Egyptian. Make sense?

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