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    Originally posted by Heidi on have another question about music. I read on line that if you use music in a studio, you need to get a dance class music licence. br/br/a href= you paid for a dance studio use music license? Is this common practice? 8-Obr/



    Originally posted by Heidi on you are renting space, does the responsibility fall upon the dance studio / fitness center to uphold the license?br/br/If you are using a home studio, you then need to have a license yourself from what I for your feedback 🙂



    Originally posted by Carrie on is a really good question to ask Mark Bell. He and Ling Shien were here in August and we had an in depth conversation about music rights, legalities, etc. I wouldnt be able to articulate the outcome of said conversation but its worth asking him to chime in.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on topic has got me curious/parinoid. Who is actually doing this? I dont teach in a dance studio and have not made a profit from dance and I dont want to do something illegal. I only use Fatchance approved music in class and would like to operate legally. Anytime we perform it is for charity or free and we dont get paid. This forum was sort of looked over and I am curious who is licensing their music?



    Originally posted by Carolena Nericcio on can speak to this. There are two scenarios:br/1. Technically, if you use commercial music at a public studio, and are earning a profit from the use of the music, then you should be licensed by BMI or ASCAP and be paying royalties for the use of said music. br/2. However, in the niche-world of belly dance, we are often using the music of community artists, and sell or otherwise promote their CDs. br/br/So, there are also two answers:br/1. If you work at a major studio or gym, and they play commercial music over the PA, they likely already have a BMI/ASCAP license,but you should If you work out of your home, or even at major studio, and are using niche-world belly dance music, and are promoting it, you are relatively off the map as far as the licensing companies are concerned. If they ever come knocking, just let them know that you are friends with the artists and you have their permission to use the music, and that you sell or promote licensing companies are looking out for the best interests of the musicians, and if you can prove that you are too, all is well. If you choose to mention that you are using a commercial piece of music, you might end up with a fee. How honest you want to be about that disclosure is up to you.



    Originally posted by Carrie on! Thanks!



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on Carolena =) I guess this is another bonus of using FCBD music =)



    Originally posted by Heidi on you so much! 🙂 My studio opens in May! I look forward to having you over 🙂

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