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    Originally posted by kelley on Guys,br/br/with summer only a few months away we have had several enquiries about performing outdoors which always leads to the inevitable question of how will you play our music? I always run a mile if the organiser says they have a boom box - :o(br/Some organisers expect us to provide whatever we need to play the music so at present we just have to decline the anyone ever invested in their own PA system or is there something else? Any recommendations, pros/cons? I have absolutely no idea about the technical side of this so watts per channel doesnt mean anything. If I was to hire/buy something what should I look for to make sure that the sound is loud enough without distorting and has a good quality to the sound even when played in a field !!!!br/ Id also like something that would either play CDs or have a plug in for an for any help and advice in advancebr/Kelleybr/



    Originally posted by Wendy on Moore has a system she uses that looks pretty good, Id ask her.



    Originally posted by Heather T on bought two 150W PA speakers which helps so much. Heres a link: a href= I usually only need to use one for indoor and both for out door. They are good for small gigs. They are not high performance but I find they are good enough and easy to transport. br/br/They are costly but totally worth it. They can plug into either your boom box or ipod. I use my had mine for over a year now and Im so happy with them. br/br/I hope this info helps Kelley.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on use a guitar amp and IPOD cable and you can use it for talking if you have a microphone and you just need a plug. It is easy to carry and is loud. Plus you can purchase from most music stores on consignment for right at $100.....I would look at a Pawn Shop =) Mine is a Marshall 60watt amp and is like 15 inches by 15 inches by 9inches with a handle.



    Originally posted by kelley on guys -br/br/Well first off Im going to raid my sons guitar amps to see if theyre any good - I think they got them second hand so they may be too old to take an iPod but Im pretty sure they are also does anyone know what the watts actually mean? Im thinking in terms of energy used but wondering if you can compare output by watts eg are Heathers 150W speakers going to be much louder than Hollies 60 watt amp or doesnt it work that way? Praps I should go onto some tecchie forum :o(



    Originally posted by Heather T on Watt is a unit of power so; a 60W amp wont be as powerful or as loud as a 150W amp. The Wattage depends on how loud you want your music to be played. I find the higher Wattage units are better for outdoor shows as music can get drowned out with lower Watts when performing at noisy markets, fairs and so on.... Lower Watts are fine for a small indoor studios or In other words, if you want your music loud without straining the speakers or distorting the music then you will need Amps/Speakers with a higher link I gave you earlier also has other amps and speakers if you are looking for something less powerful. They are based in Europe. Shop around and see whats best for you.



    Originally posted by kelley on Heather - understood. I knew that watts measured energy in terms of power just wasnt sure whether you could compare different pieces of equipment by their wattage - seems that you like one of my students mightve solved the problem as she has access to some serious PA systems - just hope they are relatively portable - haha!!!!



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on purchased a portable BOSE and it has worked out well.



    Originally posted by kelley on like one of my students has come to the rescue with some musician friends who have a PA system we can borrow. But am still looking into all the suggestions here for a longer term guys ;D



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on just did an outdoor event over the weekend and there were lots of noise and motorcycles and my music was loud enough and easy to carry in a full costume. I had my 10 year old run the music so that was how easy it was. Kelley it takes an adapter to plug in your Ipod to it but just go to a music store and tell them you want to plug your Ipod into the amp and someone there can hook you up with the right piece. I like it also because it is easy to adjust the sound and quality of the music. You can buy bigger amps if you need it but think about having to transport it.



    Originally posted by Zina on, unless we can afford pro stuff (I cant), some of the best speakers these days are computer speakers. Someone mentioned having bought Bose speakers, those are really good. Mine are Klipsch speakers which are 120 watt. It has a sub-woofer and 2 satellite speakers which can blow you away in a contained area and are pretty darn good outside, too; the sound quality is excellent to my ears. The system was about $150.00. Its like this set: a href= theyre computer speakers, the down size is they are bulky to transport and you must be very careful with the connectors...theyre easy to damage if care isnt taken in connecting/disconnecting. I have to use a really large suitcase to carry them. Dont forget your cables. The speakers have a mini jack that can plug into a CD player, boom box, or mp3 player. If your jacks are of different sizes, go to your version of Radio Shack and buy adapters. If you have all your cords and adapters, you might be able to plug into another system if its more powerful. Buy an adapter that converts your ipod jack to a 1/4" jack. That way if there ever happens to be a DJ you can plug right into their for guitar amps, it sounds like some people have had good luck with them. That hasnt been the case for us. Guitar amps are designed for guitar sounds and not meant to pick up the finer nuances of our music. In some cases the vocals sound entirely messed up. Id suggest if youre going to go that route, take your cables to the vendor and try it out. sucks for us is the power question. Some places dont have power. Here, some of our Ren-Fests dont even allow pre-recorded music so amplification is a moot point. I looked into buying a battery powered unit but theyre very expensive. Luckily, our local equipment rental place rents them. Maybe that could be an option if you only need a system now and hope this helps.



    Originally posted by Zina on, I forgot something. Have a long heavy duty extension cord and plug in adapters. Get a multi-plug in adapter so you can plug in both yours speaker power and your ipod and a wall adapter in case your power source doesnt allow for a 3-prong plug.

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