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    Originally posted by Alicia on all! I took GS (for the first time, I dont think itll be the last) in March in a wonderful experience! I am still trying to process. I didnt have any huge epiphanies with technique, although there are some steps Id struggled with that I am finding much easier after dancing for 4 days. I think the big thing for me was more on a personal level - at one point Carolena was saying something about the dance and she said "I am a feminist". It was so refreshing! Usually when I hear someone saying "I am a feminist" I just wait for the other shoe to drop "... but I dont hate men", "... but I want to be a housewife", "... but I wear lipstick", and I think "none of those things are incompatible with being a feminist, dont sell it short" - so to have someone just say it without apology or corollary was pretty, sorry *blush* opening rant over...



    Originally posted by Mary on, Alicia!!



    Originally posted by Katrin on took the GS in March as well and loved it!br/So many things make now much more sense in my head! Especially the music theory helped me a lot. :-)br/br/Its just a pity that I dont have a tribe at the moment to practice with!!! I do an European volunteer service in Wales and therefore had to leave my tribe in Germany, but couldnt find other dancers here. And dancing alone is just not that much fun!br/br/Cheers, Katrinbr/br/



    Originally posted by Zina on, Alicia!



    Originally posted by Erika on is a wonderful experience indeed, I think we can all relate! And Kudos to you!



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on!! 🙂 congratulations and welcome. br/my dads family lived in Brentwood 🙂



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on to see you on here Alicia!!!



    Originally posted by Alicia on everyone! This tribe is an amazing resource.



    Originally posted by Heather T on and welcome!



    Originally posted by Caroline on Aliciabr/br/Congrats and welcome!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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