New Volunteer Requirement for Sunday Streets 2015

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    Carolena and I have decided to institute a Volunteer Requirement for Sunday Streets.  If you would like to perform in Sunday Streets this year, we ask that you serve as a volunteer helper for at least one of the Sunday Streets events.  So long as you satisfy this requirement at some point during the season, you are free to dance at as many of the other events as you wish.About VolunteeringSunday Streets has evolved into BDBD's main monthly performance with a lot of moving parts—the dancers need great volunteers to help the event go smoothly!  In addition to helping the dancers, volunteering is also the perfect opportunity for you to experience performances from a different perspective.  You'll get a different sense of what does ad doesn't work in performance, and how to be a more effective performer.  Furthermore, this is great chance to help represent the studio and share your love of ATS® with others.  Finally, volunteering is a way for you to support your fellow dancers—it's always nice to have familiar faces in the crowd!—and build our sense of community.  Volunteering is a way for us to all work together both on and off the stage!In exchange for your time, you will receive our gratitude and a special FCBD Security t-shirt!Volunteer ResponsibilitiesVolunteers’ primary responsibilities are:

    • Transporting, setting up, and breaking down equipment (i.e. sound system and FCBD® banner)
    • Handling music
    • Interacting with the public (i.e. pass out postcards, answer questions, run interference with creepy dudes, etc.)
    • Watching over the dancers' belongings
    • Taking photos and video for the BDBD FB page
    • Assisting with any technical difficulties

    I would like to have at least two volunteers for each event; a third would be ideal if Carolena is not able to attend.If you have a supportive partner who wouldn't mind standing around, looking intimidating, and dealing with any troublemakers, let me know and we can hook them up with a Security tee!Volunteer Sign-UpPlease take a moment to sign up for one of the volunteer slots in this Google Spreadsheet: let me know if you have any questions!



    I'll be happy to do the first Sunday Streets of the year as a volunteer.



    Thanks Nina!



    Thank you for setting this Sofia and Carolena!  This is a great idea, we learn a lot from watching the performance and supporting each other is one of the important requirement to be part of BDBD I think.Thanks Nina for volunteering first one!  I put my name on April 12.  So looking forward to Sunday Streets 2015!!!



    Thanks Sofia!  You can put down my name for help for Mission one in May.  How many volunteers we need for each time, Sofia?



    Thanks Yuka, I put you on the sign-up sheet.Good question.  I would like at least two volunteers, but I don't think we will need more than three people, unless Carolena is unable to attend.  I'll add this info to the original post.



    I'm happy to volunteer for May! (March and April are a bit crazy for me)



    Thanks you Sofia and Carolena for organizing a great and fun gig!I will sign up for May 10. Thanks!



    Hi Sofia,    Does the volunteer (or volunteers) pick up the sound system at the studio on the day of the performance?Is there an need for an instructional session on how to use the equipment, or record the show?    Sue                                                                                             

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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