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    Just curious about how many rehearsals do you have for your troupes per month?  Do you keep a consistent schedule all year, or do you change it based on upcoming performances?  And is there a minimum required in order for troupe members to perform?  I have been having 1 rehearsal per week for 1.5 hour consistently throughout the year.  But when a performance comes up, some members want me to have more so they can catch up, so to speak, in order to perform, which has been challenging due to our varied schedules.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately, as well as other logistics in troupe management.  Wondering what other Sister/Brother studios do out there. Thanks!



    We do weekly rehearsals of 2 hours most of the year.  With an upcoming gig, we are pretty much on top of it and only occassionally put in extra rehearsals.  We did try the idea of “need to do at least 3 rehearsals prior to a gig, but because of varying numbers in troupe that can fall flat and suddenly be left with 3 girls instead of 6 cause some have been ill or something out of their control.  We now have 8 in the troupe and am finding that there is not the need to perform everything simply because of numbers so the weekly rehearsals seems enough. 



    We have 1.5 hour rehearsals every week following Level 4 class, which troupe has to attend.  So, everyone is already warmed up and has been dancing for an hour. For planned performances (where we mostly choreograph) or performances with very long sets or multiple sets of improv, five rehearsals.  You can miss one, but not if it's the one directly before the show.For improv performances with a shorter performance time, three rehearsals but not missing any. Typically, I don't have another rehearsal outside of that, unless one of them falls on a holiday.  We rehearse on Mondays, which is a common holiday day, so we'll either plan another or start a week earlier.



    Thank you for your replies.  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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