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    Originally posted by Stephanie on tribe.net.Long story short. Had a very successful student show at a local coffee shop. The owner was very happy and we have the opportunity to dance there once per month if we want to. I got very excited about this and so did my students. Then I had opportunity to get some feedback. Perhaps its not good to have students dancing that often, and perhaps its not good for ATS to have level 1 dancers representing ATS?br/My initial thoughts were that this would be great fun and really promote ATS in my community where there isnt any ATS except my group.br/At the same time I want to be respectful of this art form.br/I have e mailed Carolena but due to the fact that my students are excited about this I am in a bit of a hurry to get more feedback and do my best to do the right thing by my students and ATS in general.br/br/Thoughts?



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.Well, your mileage may vary, and it depends on the number of students you have. We start our students performing at Level 3, and we ease them in. First time is chorus only, second time is following in a formation, third time is leading, if you are ready. But like I said, that may not be possible where you are. br/br/I do know I appreciated the hierarchy when it came to performing, because I wasnt put out there before I was ready.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on tribe.net.All I have is a student troupe and they are all levels. I am from a small southern town South of Atlanta where there is no international cultural stuff. The way I look at dancing publically is I am the only one who really understands the levels my students are at and not the audience. If someone can see us dance and get something from it education wise I am happy. It also brings me more students by having my ladies perform publically because it is great public relations. I view dance as it is a way to help others bring joy in their lifes, help with self-esteem and it is great physical activity. I am not competitive...I just try to dance better than myself and be proud of me. I push myself to be the best I can be and have fun while doing it. I dont need the stress of competition. ATS attracted me because of the group work instead of the indiviual. br/br/When I do allow my student troupe to perform I usually lead and I know who is comfortable leading and who is not so only the ones comfortable lead. The way I view chorous is anyone can be in chorous Level I and up. I usually have a skeleton format for performaces that we have drilled so they know who is leading and who is coming out of chorous. Another benefit I see from having a monthly gig at a small coffee shop it gives your ladies reason to practice more and drive to improve, it promotes your classes and gives your ladies the opportunity to show off what they have learned in class and sunk there money into for months to family and friends.Plus alot of people come to dance wanting to perform and I try to give them the opportunity because I have had people quit in the past because they did not think I provided enough performace opportunities. It is also a great opportunity for the ladies to get used to performing in front of people so when you do get a bigger gig it should go smoother and be less of a big deal. Now if you were going for a more professional troupe this info whould not be valid but where do professional troupes come from usually student troupes =) I would do it, good luck =) Hollie



    Originally posted by Stephanie on tribe.net.One of my big concerns is, if the students shouldnt dance that regularly, if I have my performance troupe from the city about 45 min to an hour away do the monthly thing, my students may feel that their opportunity has been taken from them by the city girls.br/br/On the other hand I would hate to see this opportunity go to waste.br/br/Im wondering if there is a middle ground here. Have a student show each season. Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall at the shop and have the performance troupe keep it going in between. That way the students always have a show to be working towards and probably that is plenty of shows to keep them happy per year????



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.You could always do the monthly gig with the troupe and let students join you every quarter. br/br/Wow! You have student shows FOUR times a year??? Im impressed. I can only pull off two. Its so much work. ;-)br/br/Good luck!



    Originally posted by Rahil on tribe.net.I get students to perform at smaller events, haflas. You know best what level your students are at, what do you think will represent the dance in its best light to the community? br/ I hate to say anything negative about our local dance community, but there are a lot of low level groups in the public eye. It would be nice to get some higher level dance get some viewing time. That will only help to promote the dance in a positive light. The more positive promo we can do in our area for ATS will only help to grow the community. Honestly, BBH will out perform a beginners group that has only been dancing for a couple of months in class. There is way more to performing than just knowing the steps. br/Not to mention, there are some hard feelings among the pro/semi-pro set of dancers in our community about students scooping dance gigs for little, less or no pay, which may be something to consider as well. They can get down right catty about it. br/Personally, I would go with 2 shows a year for the students, as it gives them a lot of time to build up their skill set. One in the fall and one in the spring perhaps? br/Glad to hear it went so well, I couldnt talk my husband into going out there, it was our 17 year wedding anniversary this weekend, so he had other plans, that for some reason did not include me hanging with dancers for the evening (what was he thinking?) But a huge part of marriage is compromise, and he does a lot of that, so it ended up as a movie night.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.I am going to respectfully disagree with you, Holly.br/br/While only the teachers may understand that Level One only includes the four basic fast moves, and the audience may not know that the dancers are just doing level one moves, I think an audience can tell beginners apart by lack of synchronicity, less impressive posture, possibly nervous-looking faces instead of smiles, and general showmanship (and even costuming that isnt as regal and multi-layered). br/br/I would also be concerned that a monthly gig for beginners wouldnt give them something to work hard for, but the opposite - if they can perform right away, then theres no reason to work hard, as you get the same opportunities either way. I am trying to structure my classes in a way that the more commitment a student gives, and the harder they work, the more they get from me and the dance - higher class levels, possible performance opportunities, etc. - with the hard work comes the reward, and the reward isnt for everybody. (I have 4 dancers who have been with me for a year, no one longer than that, and I dont think they are at student troupe level yet, and no level 3 class is offered yet - see my previous thread on the topic of performing and class levels.)br/br/I am in a small town as well (about 5 hours from Stephanie, the OP - hi Stephanie!), and a lot of what I am seeing in this city is bad bellydance - "tribal" that is anything but, poor technique no matter what the style, and beginners being encouraged to perform. The public here definitely doesnt understand about levels, but from what has been performed here in the past (before I moved here), the general public does a lot of eye-rolling when they hear me bring up bellydance, because they have only seen beginner-quality in the past. They dont understand it is beginners performing - they just think that bellydance is sloppy and have no respect for it. I am starting to draw students into my classes because when I perform (unfortunately ATS solos until I have ppl to dance with), the audience reaction is "Wow - this is so different than what I have seen in the past! I actually like this!" br/br/Sorry, didnt mean for this to get so long!br/br/Stephanie - I agree that a better idea would be for BBH to take the monthly gig - and make sure it is a *paid* gig - and then twice a year, use it as a student venue. Maybe even donate any funds raised on student night through a tip basket or whatever to charity, and ensure that patrons are aware that they are supporting students, local arts, etc.



    Originally posted by icy on tribe.net.I have students that are performing that just now moved into Level 3, but what I did was not get them a "gig" but giving them experience ONLY at haflas/or hafla-like venues, a local convention and such. I want to have them embrace their desires with some experience but making it a teaching tool as well. br/I make sure to refer to them as "the students of ucanto" so people understand, including them, that this isnt a student troupe at this point (I am considering it depending on how they progress within Level 3) but anything beyond that is a ways a way. This helps the audience understand the lack of synchronicity as shared before and the possible terrified looks on their faces. :)br/My short pennies worth here.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on tribe.net.Jenn: I totally see your point =)



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Icy, what would be the difference of "students of ucanto" and "ucantos student troupe"? (Not that I think they are the same, just wondering where you would draw the differentiation.)



    Originally posted by Stephanie on tribe.net.Thanks everyone,br/I have learned allot and appreciate your responses.



    Originally posted by icy on tribe.net.Hi Jennbr/...for me "students of ucanto" means that all students that want to participate regardless of their level of experience can do so. br/br/Meaning Level 1s can chorus basic movements with the more experienced dancers...so they are "followers in chorus" and with more experienced dancers I place them accordingly in whatever dance position I feel they can handle and I usually perform with them.br/br/With a Student Troupe - to me - this a more formalize "troupe" format where not all students are a part. This would be for the more experienced dancers and this is sort of the precursor to an actual professional troupe expectation. I may or may not dance with them depending on the need etc.br/br/Student troupe has a more refined costume presence and more formations would be utilized, etc. br/br/Well I see Sandi addressed part of this very subject and Level 3 students are those under consideration for a Student Troupe which is what I have always felt were the criteria for being potentially groomed for a Professional Troupe.br/br/Since I now have newbie Level 3s the consideration for a Student Troupe is in the back of my mind for them, but only when they are truly ready to go there with the level of professionalism, quality of dance, and their commitment.br/br/Hope that helped answer the question? 🙂



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Perfect - I just like hearing how everyone lays out their classes/performance guidelines/etc. since I just have level 1 and 2 students and havent had to plan level 3 or performing options yet! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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