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    Would love to discuss the guidelines or rules you have set up for your students in order for them to perform.This is not a topic that comes up very often with my students, so it's not an issue for me. But sometimes it seems to be an issue among other teachers. I'm curious as to what guidelines you have in place. I have my own, but I love new ideas.A sort-of issue that I have been 'pressured' to address is whether or not to let students in my classes go running around performing at various events, halfas or whatever, of their own accord. It has been implied that I should 'keep them under my control'. I think the person who has brought it up is worried that uncensored performing will effect my reputation. Anyone been in the same or a similar boat?



    Ok, when the kids stop interuppting me non-stop, I will write out my long reply….



    I have a few students who perform with “other” groups in town. As long as they follow through on shows they commit to with me, and not reference BA when they perform separately from me (unless it's a BA show that I send them to), I'm fine with it. I've seen how other troupe leaders in my area handle this, and some have varying levels of control of their students/troupe members from the subtle discouragement of trying other styles to the "you won't take classes from anyone else" standpoint. I want the decision to only dance ATS® to be theirs, or if they're still in the mode of dancing other styles (which some never get out of), that's fine too. To me, and from my experience, and knowing the sources, it comes off as somewhat insecure - I don't want such a tight grip on my students/troupe members that I make them feel trapped/obligated or drive them to dance elsewhere, but YMMV.Also, I'm finding that when my chicas go dance with the "others" they stand out, and it's obvious they're getting good instruction elsewhere - so in a way it's been free advertising for me, without me lifting a finger! 😉I do have a somewhat relaxed policy regarding performing dancers (see below), but I've been on both sides of "exclusive" dance groups, and am trying to not perpetuate that feeling of inadequacy and competitiveness (both leave a pit in my stomach) with my troupe. It may bite me in the ass down the road, but so far it's worked. I do, however, hold performers to the standards stated, which has weeded out the "lookie loos" who are focused on performing and/or wearing "ATS-ish" costuming and not attending class consistently or practicing. You may want to figure out what will give you peace of mind from a troupe director standpoint, and clearly state your expectations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anyone (age 16+) can become a member of BABD, all it takes is dedication to learning and demonstrated proficiency in the format through consistent attendance at classes as well as willingness to embrace the core costuming elements.  Dancers can perform at one or many shows; there are no minimum commitment requirements, auditions, or try-outs.  The format lends itself to having flexibility in performance settings with a few or many dancers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good luck with navigating through this!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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