pivot turn rule?

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    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on tribe.net.Hi there,br/br/Is there any sort of rule regarding pivot turns? br/br/Such as, after a pivot turn, either:br/Change Movebr/Change Arm Positionbr/Change Directionbr/so as to prevent just going around and around?br/br/I always find when somebody does a pivot turn more than once around without doing one of the above changes that it feels funny.br/Thanks,br/Brandibr/



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on tribe.net.Hi Brandi,br/br/We usually only pivot around once with arm position 1 but we will often combine a few Pivot bump turns with arm/direction changes inbetween each one. Im also a fan of transitioning straight into a Pivot bump after an Arc turn.br/br/Hope you are well!!!br/br/P



    Originally posted by Natalie on tribe.net.Hi Brandi,br/br/I dont think there is a rule that you cant do a couple of pivots with the arms in the same position, it is just going to be a little boring for the audience to watch, especially if the pivot is slow. If your students are just learning then it would be better than them stopping or going blank but for more experienced dancers, well they should be able to come up with more exciting combinations.



    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on tribe.net.Thanks people. I like to switch it up too.br/What are your thoughts on other moves that use the flock of birds principle such as Reach n Sit and Double Bump?



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on tribe.net.Again we usually only do 1 in a row unless the leader waits for the followers and cues another pivot turn with everyone facing into the circle (which is fun!!!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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