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    Originally posted by icy on seem to remember a discussion revolving around students filling out a form on how they feel they are doing in the classes, then the instructor goes over it with anyone already have one of these developed and how helpful has it am planning on doing so, but I am looking for others input and experiences in how it was received by the students and how well it seems to work. br/br/thank you!



    Originally posted by Jennifer on a link to my PDF form: a href= always seem to write novels. I apologize in advance, but hope this is developed this out of the last discussion thread that we had on it works in my classes:br/ - The form is optional. Students can ignore it altogether, download it and use it for a reference when thinking about their own goals, or go the whole route and fill it in and then give to me, in which case I fill in the rest and return - How I introduced it: I know that everyone has different learning styles. I know that some people learn well from written feedback and guided self-evaluation. If you are this type of person, I want to be able to meet your learning needs, in which case the form is - Students can download the form at any time. They fill in their sections (self-evaluation on the Tribal Code, self goal, other feedback for me). I read through and make notes on anything that theyve filled in (stuff like "Yes! Agreed!" Or "Yes, but dont forget about this, too.") Then I fill in the other sections, and return the paper to them, keeping a copy for - Only available to students in L2 (and my new L3 in Sept), on their second time through L2 or later. I think people on their first time through L2 have enough new stuff to take in without adding an evaluation form to have the option to repeat at the earliest every 3 months. This is up to them to have only gone through this one time so far, so cant provide insight on how well it works - Allowing them to give me the form at any time, rather than all at once, is good. Since this was the first time we did it, I received 5 back at the same time, and it was way more work than I thought to fill these in. I was overwhelmed. When the few stragglers came in one at a time over the next few weeks, I appreciated having fewer to do at once!br/ - I think it was valuable to have self-evaluation before I provide feedback. It is a lot of work for me, so I want to make sure they are committed and will really take the feedback that I provide - and if they go through the exercise on their own first, I think this is more likely to - Some people seemed to "hear" their goals better because they were on paper (and ask me for clarifications, etc.) than when I tell them in class. Some of the goals were things I had said to them in class multiple times, but it was more real, and they paid more attention, when it was written down. (I think this is due to learning styles?)br/br/What I will change:br/ - I need to add a field to the form where I fill in positive feedback. 😉 While they all ended up with some positivity throughout the other sections, I wished I had a field that just said "This student does this really well: ____" A straight-up compliment is good when you are offering so much critique within this!br/br/How helpful it has been for the students. . . I would say that in the section where I have given them a specific goal, everyone has been working on theirs and I have seen improvement. I think I was hoping for a bit more awareness developing out of the Tribal Code section (such as one of them being "Support" and that is partially about attending shows, and some students never do, and I thought this might bring some awareness to them, but I dont know that it has).br/br/Where I gave a specific goal or two for each student, these ranged from things like being more aware of having life and energy in the arms and hands, to really specific things like not releasing the low belly engagement during the 1 of the Arabic. I tried to choose things that I felt would be big changes/goals for the student to work on, but that I also thought might take 3 months (until they do the form again) to work on. br/br/Let me know if you have any other questions . . .



    Originally posted by SOOZ on! This is awesome Jennifer...and timely! I just sent out an email to my students, new & veterans, asking what their goals were in this dance journey. Asking specific questions to find out if im pushing a not so ambitious student into performing but maybe not nurturing the shy student who wants to become better to one day perform onstage. I have been surprised in both areas. So far the results have been very positive, illuminating, surprising, great, fun, and makes my job, as a teacher & troupe director, that much easier!



    Originally posted by Sandi on was on the ATSGSTT tribe:br/a href=

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