Propeller Turn and 10 Hand Floreos-Question

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    I have a technical question on the Propeller Turn and incorporating 10 Hand Floreos that I need help with.I am teaching my class on Propeller Turns and I am not clear on where the hand floreos would occur if we incorporated 10 floreos.  This is what I am looking at1. The set up: Both arms start overhead=2 floreos2. Right arm down=2 floreos3. Both arms overhead again=2 floreos4. Left arm down=2 floreos5. Both arms overhead again=2 floreos6. Right arm down again=2 floreos7. Cue: flick of the wristThis comes to 12 floreos.  I think I need to eliminate either the first 2 floreos from the set-up or the last 2 floreos before the cue for the turn, but I do not know which.  Please help me clarify.I also thought that the floreos occurred when the hands arrived in their positions (either when both hands were in the overhead position or when one hand was in the horizontal position).  I came across something in which I saw the floreos being executed on the trajectory down to the horizontal position and also while ascending to the overhead position.  What is the correct teaching I should be passing on to my students?  Thank you very much! Janine



    I understand the floreos numbering from 0-11 as follows:1. One for both arms to come up overhead.2. One for right arm to come to horizontal.3. One in place.4. One for right arm to come back overhead.5. One for left arm to come to horizontal.6. One in place.7. One for left arm to come back overhead.8. One for right arm to come to horizontal.9. One in place.Cue for turn.10. One while turning.11. One for the follow-through.I hope that makes sense.



    Makes great sense, Thanks!



    Carolena demonstrates the floreos on the updated DVD 4.  She does not talk through them but she does demonstrate them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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