Question about Strong Arms, Variation 2

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    Originally posted by Jennifer on Jen will pop in to answer.:)br/br/For Variation 2, the voice over says: "finish with an unwinding turn to the right, finishing to the front, drawing the RIGHT arm up the centre." (emphasis mine.)br/br/I am watching over and over again, and it is left arm that is finishing up centre in the demo. Is that correct? It should say "LEFT arm up the centre" at the end?br/br/(I think Strong Arms is my fave of all the new moves, but I wish it had been drilled from behind a few more times in the DVD! Once through variation 2 isnt enough. 😉 )



    Originally posted by Jen on I am!br/br/Yikes, did I say right?? It is the left for variations #1 and #2. br/Thanks for looking for clarification, and feel free to ask lots of questions...I will check Tribe regularly for questions on the new moves!br/br/Thanks!br/br/Jen



    Originally posted by Jennifer on you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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