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    Originally posted by Georgeanna Piazza on tribal sisters!! Firstly I want to thank you all again for your warm welcome wishes and say just how happy and excited I am to be here!br/br/Okay! Now to my question(s) at hand:br/ I have been advertising my teaching capabilities and just got a reply from someone. This particular woman is interested in hosting a trial class. She is currently teaching Zumba and Total Body classes and thinks her students would be interested. If the trial class goes well, she would like to add me to her asked how much I would charge for the trial class and then asked how much my fee would be for an 8-week would you charge for a one-hour trial class?br/What would you charge as your teaching fee for weekly classes?br/Should I re-format the class schedule to do the 8 weeks, or explain that level one is usually 6wks and level 2 is 12 wks, etc?br/br/I also have to think about traveling expense. I live in Suffolk County and she teaches in Bellmore and Wantagh which are in Nassau County...which means about a 30 or-so minute drive in each appreciate any help/advice I can get!



    Originally posted by icy on welcome!!!!br/br/It depends on whether this is a co-op dance studio or she is going to "employ" you as an instructor for her studio or if you are an independent contractor renting the sound like a renting thing based on what you said. br/br/Is her trial class an "actual" class or is this an overview class? Giving a few different steps in one hour, two hour, etc. slot...some trial classes have been given for free for 30 mins so people get a "taste" others charge the same rate as an on-going class etc. with drive time/costs taken into account already. Or is she thinking small workshop like class...sounds like you need to get some clarification of what she is envisioning for this "trial" she is going to employ you then you may have to split fees with her and a reduced rate on the studio or she will charge based on attendance etc. Lots of things to look into by what she drive 30 mins minimum to any of my classes other than the home studio ones so I count my mileage against my dance "business" so I dont think too hard on that aspect. I do pay attention to going rate in the area. Which with the additional class and drive it might be getting adjusted a touch but not anything that would stop people from coming to class, but I am going to see. :)br/br/Not sure if that helps or hindered but some



    Originally posted by Georgeanna Piazza on, this was definitely a big help. It gave me a lot of things to think about and important questions to ask. :)br/br/She asked if I could do a one-hour class so, until I hear back from her, Ill assume its a regular one-hour class.



    Originally posted by Carrie on biggest thing that I amen to Nancys response is... whats the going rate in the area? I truly believe that it is critical to keep belly dance class prices similar. I dont care what denomination of belly dance, its all the same to a new student. br/They may be a little different, but try to keep it similar to other teachers. Although, in my area there are several teachers that seriously under charge for their classes, which makes mine look expensive, but theres only so much you can about that. Dont take less than you should. br/br/i would also try your best not to directly conflict with other teachers schedules. It may happen, and thats okay, but do your best not to teach a 6-week intro to ATS at 7pm on Tuesday when Sally-cabaret dancer also offers 6-week intro course at 7pm on Tuesdays 2 miles down the getting off topic. 😉 Shocker. br/br/As far as your one-hour tester class, dont leave the house for less than $ agreed again with Nancy....are you going to be an employee or an independent contractor? You can expect to get a bigger share of the pot as a contractor because its cheaper for the studio, less of a liability for the studio, and costs you more time and money in the form of taxes, insurance, business licensing etc. If you are an employee, you can expect a smaller share of the pot because the studio is paying some taxes for you, paying workmans comp, etc. br/br/Im an independent contractor and my class prices are as follows:br/Level 1 $80 Level 2 $160 The studio collects the fees, expenses come off the top (advertising, printing, administrative cost), and then its a 55%/45% split me/studio, the studio write me a check for 55%, and sends a 1099 at the end of the year. br/Level 3 classes, I get paid $5.00 a head. br/br/Okay. I obviously could talk about this forever. Sorry!br/br/Good luck,br/Carriebr/br/br/



    Originally posted by Carrie on give you my opinion on re-formating the class to 8-wk as opposed to 6 and should do what ever is going to work best for your student base, area, etc. Everybody is different and all ways are successful for some and maybe not for tend to not want to re-invent the wheel, so I stick with FCs format and it works for me in my area. To me, 8 weeks is WAY too short for a Level 2, so maybe it would work as a 8 wk Level 1 16 wk Level 2?



    Originally posted by Cyndi Cyreigna on you do, try not to offer free classes. A discounted class is OK, to let them know what ATS is, because honestly alot of folks dont get it. We are running into that in Topeka, and personally, I think it is wrong...You can call it what you will, its still a free class. I charge $50.00 for a 6 week session and $10.00 for drop-ins. I dont have to travel to another city so if you do, you need to figure that into your fee. I agree, you need to be fair, but you are still trying to run and maintain your teaching business, even if it is only on the luck!! I know you will be successful!



    Originally posted by Leslie on agree on not offering free classes to new dancers. We work so hard, and pay so much for our training; I want to preserve the idea that each student is getting high-quality instruction passed down from Carolena through me to also believe in discounts or special offers, for bringing a new friend, encouraging attendance through busy months or the winter, adjusting rates for those taking more than one class per week, I started classes in a new location, another instructor urged me to keep class prices similar to hers--it made perfect sense and I have honored that suggestion.



    Originally posted by icy on a caveat...I havent given any free "trial" classes, but others in my area have and do. br/In fact, we have one small group that gives free classes to the LBGT community locally. Which I find intriguing as to why they do itbr/I have given quick costuming and makeup instructions complete with a local vendor coming in for my students to buy from it they wish...but that is as close as I come for "free" 🙂



    Originally posted by Georgeanna Piazza on you all for your input and advice! After I gave her my info (including my teaching fee for the trial class) I never heard back from her. No worries! I found a studio to rent time in and my first Level 1 class begins this Tuesday. 🙂

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