Re-shamka+Spins in the duet

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    Originally posted by Svetlana Dvoretskaya on all,br/br/Can someone help me? One student ask me about the variation Re-shamka+Spins in this href= have no idea. What is the rules and ques? br/Please!=)br/br/Thanks!!!



    Originally posted by Carrie on the spin part is the pick up spins which is a legitimate move. typically it happens in a duet coming out of with pivot bump arm 1 turning, then arm 2 turning, and then into spins. it typically stops when one dancer changes the move, meaning that it has the option to spin longer than 8 my guess is that it was discussed before handbr/3. many troupes have their own variation of ra-shamka into egyptian basic into the pick up spins. my troupe has their own variation as does fcbd, I know for sure. br/our version goes- in a duet, pass your partner with ra-shamka face each other on the 8&, cross each other with egyptian basic, face each other on the 8& then go into pick up you remember pick up spins from your GS? it is usually part of the GS curriculum on day 4 wen the calibrated spins are taught.



    Originally posted by Sandi on was probably discussed do have a variation that is pretty set, which involves the Resham-ka and spins. The Rk pivots (to the left) for 8cts, then goes into 8cts of spins.



    Originally posted by Svetlana Dvoretskaya on you Carrie!=)br/Yes, sure. I remember pick up spins. But it wasn`t any variation with the I see the 8 cts Re-shamka on a pivot before the Spins in a duet. I like it. But I don`t know is it 100% permissible or experimental way for queing spins? (Because I don`t have it on FCBD dvd and on my GS).br/If it`s possible could you give me the link with your version of this variation with you, please.=)



    Originally posted by Svetlana Dvoretskaya on,br/I`m so happy to hear something from you! Thank you a lot!!!=)br/br/I`m glad to know that it`s official variation now! Yay!br/Is it only for a duet? Can it be in trio or stage formation? (May be it`s a stupid question...)br/br/You can kill me, but I can`t realize how could it work in this brain and eyes see onlybr/after Arc Arms:br/4cts Pivot Bump with Arms 1 to the rightbr/4cts Pivot Bump with Arms 2 to the leftbr/8cts Egyptian Basicbr/8cts Rkbr/8cts Spinsbr/br/What is the que in this way? How it works? My brain want to "eat" it.)))))) br/



    Originally posted by Carrie on Sandi said it was more than likely (definitely) discussed before hand. So the backstage conversation probably went something says, "Hey Carolena, when we duet together during that song, lets go from Re-Shamka passing into spins, what do you think?" br/Carolena says, "I think thats a fabulous idea, Lucy, Ill look out for it."br/br/Any btw- Id love to show you a video of Gypsy Horizon but unfortunately I do not have any of my videos on youtube to share at this moment. Im sure they will come some day soon, but Im a bit picky and do not want any videos of us out there unless I think they are good. And by good I mean great.



    Originally posted by Sandi on, what Carrie no cue for that combo. Because the passing Resham-ka puts you out of sight-line of your partner, theres no way to know if youre spinning or doing Egyptian w/1/2 turns. It has to be discussed.



    Originally posted by Svetlana Dvoretskaya on!!! Thank you a lot!!!!! My brain is so happy and calm now!!!!br/br/Carrie,br/I`ll patiently waiting your video! I hope this day come soon and I will see "great" you and your group!!!br/br/Big hugs!



    Originally posted by Unknown on everyone 🙂 Are the spins in this combo clockwise or anti-clockwise? Or does it matter, just wondering 🙂 Thanks!



    Originally posted by Sandi on the same as the Callibrated Spins. Counter-clockwise.



    Originally posted by Wendy on our spins are counter clockwise. Now, Im not talking slow turns here, just spins used in fast.

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