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    Hello everyone,I have a quastion about Dueling Duets positioning. It is said that you got to DD-formation by fading and then turning facing center of faded quartet. (see first part of picture).But mostly it looks like the main lead (1) and the follower (2) of secondary lead are standing on the same horizontal line. (see 2)Especially when quartet does Rush Hour. The main lead passing facing each other first, and the follower goes closer to audience (according to Disc 9), which is rather difficult in 1-st positiong.I'm sorry if this is totally newbie quastion but what positioning you use? Or maybe the Rush Hour has changed since Disc 9 has been released?Very apreciate any help! Thank you.



    (I'm still learning Rush Hour)But from what I remember in class, for Dueling Duet and Rush hour, you would be in the positions described in Diagram 2.



    I agree with Jesse, it's more like #2. My first take was that it's not rigid, you can adjust your position because you are constantly in motion.But to be specific, it's #2.



    I talked to Marsha, she created the Rush Hour. Here's what she has to say:"No need to adjust positions after fading into the dueling duet position -- you should already be where you need to be after the fade.     For the chico pass combo, the two leads break eye contact and pass each other stepping forward to dance with the followers.  The followers stay put and let the leads come to them.  After finishing the the chico pass, only the leads move back on the next 8 counts into their original position with an Arabic.     I don't think she is referring to the Arabic drop x 3 move.  But if she is, there's no adjusting the lead positions after the fade for this either.  To start the Rush Hour with this move everyone does a quarter turn so their right shoulder faces the center of the dueling duet formation, then each dancer stays in her "lane" as they pass."

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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