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    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on,br/After the 1st turn, when you step back to back during the arm trade section of move, do you do a large step such as you do with Camel, or a few smaller steps or does it, the slow passes in general (Camel, Barrel, Wrap, Sahra) - how do you know if youre going to pass or do the move in place?br/br/Thanks,br/Brandi



    Originally posted by Sandi on the Sahra turn pass, second part, you do take a larger step, which means you dont want to be too far away from your partner. The setup for the pass on that would be to get closer before you start the movement. Might even set up slightly to the left (their right), so you have an easy path to Around has a similar setup. Get closer and set up slightly to the right (their left).br/br/Camel Pass is cued just by the angle and gaze going in the direction you want to pass. You can pass back-back or front-front. Eye contact is Turn passes by way of you setting up one Barrel first to ease over to the right (their left), so they know the next one will, passing moves need to be set up so that youre fairly close. This makes passing easier. So the opposite logic (remaining further apart) would say that youre not passing. If youre too far apart, it doesnt make sense to force a pass.



    Originally posted by Sandi on, discussing these ideas beforehand will also make the effort easier to understand.



    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on you so much, Sandi!



    Originally posted by Christine (Akula Tribal) Tillett on can I just jump in and ask for clarification of the 2 turns in part 3 of this move? br/br/It seems from the videos of performances that the 2 turns go to the right, however were really struggling to circle this and return to face each other with the normal distance between us and in place. It works so much smoother turning to the left but I dont think this is right as it wouldnt be in keeping with the usual directioning of the move. Could you please clarify this for me along with any tips on how to smoothly turn to the right and keep within the circling motion on this particular move?...



    Originally posted by Sandi on turn, the Sahra?



    Originally posted by Christine (Akula Tribal) Tillett on the Sahra part 3 Sandi...Those 2 turns are really hard to get in to the right so any tips would be most welcome...



    Originally posted by Sandi on ARE really difficult. I always feel like Im going to tip over and sometimes I edit and do only one turn, rather than two. But the idea is to keep your feet under you and your arms close to your body while doing those two turns to return back to your original, when youre in the pass position, crossing past your partner, visualize the turns starting by centering on your right leg, then stepping over with your left, back with your right and over again with your left. The part that throws me off is when were in that angled upper body position during the cross over. Remember to straighten up before doing the turns and spot on your partner. br/br/Practice it slow at first to get the footing, then work up to the flourishing.



    Originally posted by Lucy on for the clarification and tips on this one 🙂



    Originally posted by Madonna DrumDance on, in Barrel and Wraparound Pass when you say set up slightly to the right (their left) is the front of body angling towards the left or the right? and we are travelling CCW to change places? br/thought there was another post on this subject but cant seem to find it.



    Originally posted by Sandi on would face them straight on to set up the passes, so theres no miscommunication. Yes, traveling CCW.



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on everyone,br/br/During the final section of this Sahra turn pass, do you find that you travel in an oval shaped path, in order for both dancers to end back in the same spot that they started?br/br/With the Wrap Around turn, our troupe have a "rule of thimb" that if we begin this move facing each other (in duet formation) and we are close enough to each other, we will use this move to pass and switch lead. If we are on the horizontal plane we generally just remain in place when we perform this move, as it looks to gorgeous from the sides! Sandi can I clarify, do FC usually set the Wrap Around turn pass by doing one facing each other first, with the assumption that the next one will pass if both dancers are close enough?br/br/With the Barrel turn pass do FC always set this up by doing one in place first?br/br/Thank you!br/br/Philippa



    Originally posted by Sandi on Turn pass: yes, you do travel in an oval Around Turn pass: we dont set it up with an initial turn. We should be able to see each other via peripheral vision over our shoulders as we are looking left. If one of us moves out of sight, were Turn pass: we do set one up first before passing.



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on Sandi!

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