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    Originally posted by Valizan on am having an issue that Im not quite sure how to deal repeatedly seem to have a problem getting some of my students to do shoulder shimmies. It isnt that they dont understand how to do them, it is that they WONT do them or do them so slow that it is jarringly different from the rest of the people I asked... Why are you doing your shoulder shimmies so slow?br/br/The response was that they felt their breasts were too big and it was unsightly. That... and that it am at a bit of a loss. I dont have breasts (yet... ;-))) and I had no idea doing shimmies hurt your breasts. I suggested keeping very strong posture (lifted, trapezius engaged, etc) but they refuse because they say it doesnt solve the problem. It did work for a couple, but there are three in two different classes who out-and-out refuse. I dont want them to hurt themselves, so I dont push the issue, but have any of you dealt with this kind of thing?br/br/Some of them have body issues and think shoulder shimmies make them look sleazy. Ive tried to explain that it is only if you do that tacky lean forward to expose cleavage that it is tacky. Also, that shoulder shimmies are a bellydance staple. But they will have none of it. And I dont think it is my place as a male to force my views on them. But as their teacher, I think I should. I got any insights into doing shimmies without causing breast pain? Is there something I should be teaching them?



    Originally posted by Maxine on Valizan - Have to say Ive never had any problems with students and shoulder shimmies before and nobody has ever complained about breast pain and I have never had a problem with doing them myself either. The only thing I can think of is that they are doing a boob wiggle rather than a shoulder shimmy. A shoulder shimmy is what is says on the label - just that....a SHOULDER shimmy. Obviously when doing a shoulder shimmy breasts will wobble a bit but there is a huge difference between a boob shimmy and shoulder shimmy...otherwise ......dont really know what to suggest (apart from strapping all boobs down tightly ...? Hope this helps a little bit 🙂



    Originally posted by jesse on - Maxine is right - sounds more like a boob shimmy, which can hurt... Depending on how, erm vigourously they are shakin em. br/br/I would recommend they watch videos of Megha performing them - as it is very clear on her that it is a lift in the chest and isolated in the shoulders. Little/minimal boob involvement.



    Originally posted by Rahil on a sister with a boobage issue, yes, it can be uncomfortable, this is the main factor that I found affected this ) you drop the elbows too much, body dynamics will cause more wiggle in the jiggle as somehow the torso starts to move side to side instead of just isolating in the elbows at a higher level helps to keep it in the shoulder, instead of chest and I usually demonstrate the difference, as it makes a noticable change in movement when I drop my elbows, so they can clearly see it. So maybe you can have one of your advanced ladies demo this for you since you mentioned your lack of, they may need to isolate and make it smaller, they may be pushing the move to make it too big and this is contributing. br/It may just be a cop-out and the real issue is due to body issues/self-image/self-concious, and that will only resolve with this helps!



    Originally posted by Carrie on you suggest that they do the lift and drop? So, between front and back you lift the shoulders and set them into place. It takes a lot of the boob jiggle out. Of course, I dont mean lifting the shoulders up to the ears, but just enough where you would barely notice whats going on. It really does



    Originally posted by Sandi on, along the same lines, remember, our Shoulder Shimmies are not alternating, they are front-middle-front-AND-back-middle-back. The lift that Carrie is talking about happens at the "AND". This allows for the movement to be placed, rather than pushed, which causes reverb and swingage. ;} Chest lift is doesnt need to be a big movement. Its dainty! :}



    Originally posted by Wendy on make sure when they rock their weight forward, that their upper body isnt leaning forward, but that they have a good strong contraction in the mid back, creating that chest lift, and that their ribcage is expanded. If they have these two things in place, itll create a stable platform that will keep the breasts from moving, and will isolate the movement in the shoulders. br/br/I often demonstrate the boob shimmy and the shoulder shimmy next to each other so they can see the difference. I think oftentimes people see the shift of the weight forward, and interpret it as if the whole body is tilting forward, then they try to wiggle their whole upper body back and forth, which will also cause the boob shakeage.



    Originally posted by Valizan on"...remember, our Shoulder Shimmies are not alternating, they are front-middle-front-AND-back-middle-back. "br/br/They arent alternating? So is there no difference between doing Triplettes and Alternating?



    Originally posted by Sandi on is a difference. Alternating is just going front-back-front-back. The one I described are the triplets.



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on yes yes. What Wendy said. Yes. Thanks for that, Wendy!



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on Ill be dead honest here:br/br/I have boob issues. And, I have pain -- back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, etc... have no problem at all doing shoulder shimmies. Its all in the shoulders for me. My chest doesnt move much at all. No pain, no issues, I think theres a little more to this. It may be that this move just makes these women uncomfortable -- because theyre doing it wrong. Doing it wrong may produce more chest movement -- thus we tell our gals (for fun) ... "Remember its a shoulder shimmy, not a boob shimmy." I used to struggle with the ribcage rotation because the size of my chest makes me uncomfortable with the dynamics of it. Im mostly over that though thanks to a really good private lesson with Miss C back when I was in SF. So there are moves us glamazons struggle with. But like I said, I really think theyre in need of some technique work with it -- they need to get it into the



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on the triplets that we do... those are the ones that keep my chest fairly boob-shake-free 🙂



    Originally posted by Georgeanna Piazza on totally agree with "they need to get it into the shoulders." As a woman with a 36H bra size, I know the value of this. Smaller movements could help them if they feel they are "too big." But, its all in the shoulders 😉



    Originally posted by Valizan on just had a lightbulb go on. Sandi saying the movement is "placed" rather than "pushed" twigged something! Thanks Ladies.

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