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    Originally posted by Charlottio on you are bumping back, how far back does your foot go... I think Ive always been placing it quite far back but now I get the feeling it perhaps doesnt even go behind the stationary foot...? Could somebody clarify for me?br/Am I being really nit-picky? Ha ha!br/Thanks



    Originally posted by Carrie on not at all being nit-picky. Im always slapping the wrists of people who dont keep their feet underneath them. 😉 "Were not on a nordic ski track!!" says foot doesnt travel farther back than my other heel.



    Originally posted by jesse on Char,br/br/:)br/br/When bumping back, my right foot goes right behind my left heel. I think about bumping right in front of the toe for the 1,2 and then right behind the heal for the 3,4. Make sense? Though others may have a different perspecitive on this - which I would love to hear :)br/br/xjessebr/br/ps - we like nit-picky around here 😉



    Originally posted by jesse on🙂 Carrie I think we posted at the same time - I love the nordic ski track analogy - I may borrow that!!!



    Originally posted by Charlottio on!br/Thanks ladies - off to "tweak"



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on picking.... that has a whole other meaning when you are a school teacher :Dbr/br/but yes, as far as ATS moves go, bring on the nit picking 🙂



    Originally posted by Zina on not speaking with any authority, just from observation and memory. I remember in past theads FCBD members and others saying to keep your feet under you...several times. When I watch the Tribal Basics DVD where Carolena demos the move she moves her right foot quite a bit forward and back. However, in the drill part she doesnt. Overall, I keep trying to remember to keep my feet under me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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