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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on troupe does performances using props like baskets and swords. We also skirt dance. We maintain the ATS posture in our dancing regardless of the prop. My question is who else out there skirt dances and is there any footage for one to watch?br/br/Thanks. jms



    Originally posted by icy on ago when Troupe Hipnotica was still doing more ATS (I was a part of the troupe then), we incorporated specially made 25yd skirts (prior to the ones everyone is dancing in now) in order to get enough skirt to move them with the ATS movements. br/br/Some movements were tweaked a bit because of the skirt prop and playing the zills at the same time. But it was doable, just a more limited vocabulary. We did most all the slow moves back then (some Modern was in there), We didnt like the TSWAT with skirts but we were able to do the ASWAT with the skirts. Egyptians were just quick...enough to set up another move like spins, we never hung out in an Egyptian while holding the skirts. br/br/I dont know if there is video or not but it was done at a Tribal Fest 2005 or 2006 I is something I am toying with the idea with my own students as something else to learn and "test" out again. Especially since I was with TH when creating the use of skirts with the ATS moves and TH doesnt dance with the skirts so much now, so I can adjust the movement adaptation a bit better to meet the asthetic even better. (I hope) 🙂



    Originally posted by Sandi on Marlatt does a lot of skirt work in her dancing. She fuses other styles in with ATS, but her study is mainly with us. Shes taught some workshops and teaches classes now that shes back in SF. a href= did a skirt piece in last years Devotion. It is on the Harvest dvd. It was inspired by Wendys moves and we also adjusted some things to fit our comfort levels. But that piece was choreographed. As of now, we dont have skirtwork in our repertoire. The big drawbacks is that you cant wear zils while doing this (or good luck) and the likelihood of there being a mishap is high.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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