Slow VS Fast….how to tell the difference

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    Originally posted by Fraya on had a blast attending Carolenas Workshop in Vegas today and had some of my more advanced students/troupe members attend with me. I noticed that a few of them were having issues telling the difference between what is "fast" music and what is "slow" music....they were dancing fast moves to a slow taught them the obvious, but the music that was being played was...well...vague in the sense that there was a slow melody overlaying a faster tempo of drums and zils. Ive encountered this a lot in music choices, but havent been able to put into the right words or context to help them definitely know, hear and feel what would be considered slow music that should have slow moves when the music has layers or somewhere in the middle tempo which might go either way (not quite fast, but not really slow either).br/br/Though my cousin is the Chairman of the Music Department at the local college, I have minimal at best experience in music. Can anyone help? Thanks so much! br/



    Originally posted by Wendy on way to tell if a song is too slow for fast is to try to do an arabic or a shimmy to it. If you (or your students) dont feel stable doing those moves, chances are the song is too slow. br/br/Also, even if a song does have a beat, the FEEL of the song may be slow.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on, ive been thinking a lot about this very topic, pulled out the CD that accompanies D.F. Vol 1 [which also came with a book and zils... very useful i might add]br/br/correct me if im wrong, but that CD has distinctly fast, and distinctly slow songs.... in other words there is little room for misjudgement??br/br/so out of curiosity, is there a recommended playlist for Level 1 and Level 2 for slow and fast moves? might this be something worth considering? maybe 2 or 3 of each for Level 1 and then add another 3 or 4 of each for Level 2... not that it would be written in stone, but it would give new teachers, and new students, a place start in building a solid song list :)br/br/thanks,br/rhi



    Originally posted by Carrie on too much extra work on the part of FCBD, I think you can use the Helm cds to fit this need, Rhi. There are many distinctive songs for slow ATS and songs for fast ATS.



    Originally posted by Zina on dont have a problem telling if a song is too slow for fast or to fast for slow, but I hear the music within the music that sometimes my troupe mates dont hear. Remembering that Carolena said fast is fast and slow is slow, Im probably do something (among many) things a medium to slightly faster (not kick-ass) song has more than just drumming, other instruments playing a melody or vocals, I can hear slower in the the melodies or vocals and so throw in slow moves. When its the rhythm which dominates, I do fast. I guess its layering in music. The slower/smoother over the faster rhythm. Does this make sense? Is it wrong?br/



    Originally posted by SOOZ on concur with Wendy....aka Princess!



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on i have gone through them, and done a half-assed list.... but thought maybe FC already had one done, as they have so many things *already done* and available.... if not, maybe ill make that another project 😉



    Originally posted by Carrie on you can get your hands on "The Music Issue" FCBD Catalog that was published in 2007, it lists the cds that FC carries (at that time, which is still a very current list, save Muse Melodic) and has a symbol next to each song. The symbols represent Slow, Fast, Dramatic Slow, Worth the Price of Admission, Call to Prayer, etc. br/I thought that the 2007 Music Issue was posted on the online store at some point, I just logged in and didnt see it, but that could be the list that youre looking for.



    Originally posted by Durrah on you look at each CD in the shop, theyve got the breakdowns from the Music Issue posted.

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