Structuring a Drills class

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    Originally posted by SOOZ on all! Need some advice.... I have a Level 1, Level 2 class as well as a Level 3/performance prep class. Now, Im hoping to start a Drills class. An hour and a half. I have an idea but would like to see what others do. Make it more like a fitness/non-stop sweat session, without breaking down moves? Increasing stamina for those gigs that are 15 minutes with ultra fast crowd pleasing songs. I know I want to gear it to Level 2 and above, since i dont want to break down a move, thus breaking up the momentum. Thanks in advance tribal sistahs!



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on Sooztastic! :)br/br/The 2 classes I am running now have one mutual drill class once a month. Heres how we lay it out:br/br/We discuss what moves people feel the weakest on about a week before we drill. Then we pick 2 fasts and 2 slows ... and we literally uses ONLY those 4 moves. br/br/Others may cringe at the thought of this, but Ill tell you, its done WONDERS for the ones who were "stuck" in moves -- I have one amazing lady who has been "stuck" with a bunch of moves, and she has powered right thorough all her obstacles because of this drill start the drill class with a warm up, the Puja, and a brief break down of only those 4 moves ... and once Im done, we move. If someone struggles with something and needs it broken down/needs to actually be taught, I let another student take over as a "lead" and I take the other student in the back of the room (we have a really great room with mirrors in the back AND the front) ... and I help them briefly. But I encourage them to go back to watching myself and the others, and to just keep going... going... stamina WILL increase. The confidence WILL increase. br/br/oxoxbr/Leslie



    Originally posted by Wendy on have recently taught some drill classes that focused on all shimmy variations. I quickly reviewed the moves, the had them form 2 lines starting at the back of the room, dancing forward toward the mirror, then splitting off to the back of the line. I had them keep rotating, and everytime the first 2 came back to the head of the line, Id give them a different variation to do. First 2 would shimmy forward for 8 counts, then the second 2 came out, and so on. Id start with the simple version, then add variation after variation, sometimes giving them a combo. I also started with half time drills of particularly difficult things such as the shoulder shimmy.



    Originally posted by Wendy on want to add, by having them do the moves without me leading, I was able to watch, remind them to shimmy, remind them to smile, about posture, and correct technique.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on sometimes structure drills with a big stagger like on the Vol 5 or 6 DVD (cant remember) - two lines facing the mirror, staggered. The person at the front left of the stagger holds the move we are working on for awhile - 64 counts, maybe? Then, they can use a traveling move to go to the R, and the back person on the far left moves forward into the lead. I stand on the far R of the stagger, and whoever is at the R end of it, I watch them do the move, and give some critique or corrections. (Often it is just standing behind them and holding their elbows up.) This continues, so eventually each person ends up leading the stagger, and everyone has a turn standing next to me to receive a correction/critique/ well for a couple reasons - while I am talking to each person, it is private even though they are part of the larger group. Everyone has to look to the front left of the stagger to watch out for when the stagger will move, so everyone is looking away from where I am (on the R) and where the correction is happening (so they dont pay attention to each others feedback). Plus, since everyone gets a turn, no one feels singled out. They also end up doing the same move for at least one song, sometimes a song and a half or two - lots of practice! (Also, if someone isnt in the mood for a private critique that night, they are able to either give me THE LOOK or just keep moving the stagger to indicate they dont want the attention. This rarely happens, though.)



    Originally posted by Jennifer on really like this, Wendy! Thanks for sharing.



    Originally posted by Raven on recently started incorporating drills with my classes. Mainly for stamina and repetition of the moves so they can remember them. I spend the first half of the class leading drills with both fast and slow songs. The last half I either have them in Chorus or separate them into formations and watch them dance through a series of fast and slow songs. br/br/I love the idea of the lines, Wendy!

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