Structuring Level 3 / creating a weekly syllabus

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    Originally posted by Jan H on! br/br/Im just adding a Level 3 to my offerings after attending Teacher Training in November - so inspiring. It seems like the L3 format at the mothership is a bit open, and the teacher drills whatever the students that day ask to students are new to Level 3, however, and dont already know those steps, so I think more structure might be worth experimenting with. Has anyone had success creating a 12-week (or 16-week, or whatever) syllabus for Level 3? br/br/And because I want my Level 3 students to be more comfortable performing, Im also trying to smoosh a little drilling plus a little improv choreography into the Level 3 class. I thought that I could make some classes be drills only, some be improv choreo only, and some be half - especially if its a step they will pick up quickly. Ideas? Suggestions? br/br/Thank you in advance!



    Originally posted by icy on have put together what ended up being about a 24 week layout/syllabus for my Level 3 week is devoted to leanring a new move or two. br/The following week, drilling those new moves and all the rest of the moves, while addressing technique questions, week is usually working on a new formation that hasnt been covered in Level following week, drilling the new moves and the new to start all over again. :)br/br/This is all still in the works and rather fluid currently. But so far it seems to be working so we can really focus on getting the moves and the formations in the muscle memory before pressing on to the next one.



    Originally posted by Wendy on Jan-br/br/Yes, at the FC studio, L3 is a bit more fluid. In our Thursday night L3 class, its 1.5 hours, and we try to break down and drill 1 or 2 L3 moves, (I *think* that would be most of whats on Vol. 7-the dbl back, sununda, water pot, reshamka, spins, arabic 1,2,3 and orbit, chico, barrel, sahra, wrap around turns, and I know im leaving something out) then have some time in the last half hour or so to work on improv. When I teach, I usually give them a set, let them work out who is dancing to which song, then they perform it. If the class is really full, and we have time, Ill split them into 2 groups that perform for each other, and I let them comment and discuss, as well as giving my own critique. br/br/Our saturday class is a bit different. L3 is 1.5 hours, learning a move or 2, breaking down and drilling for the full 1/5 hours, and Level 4 is all about putting together a set and performing it. br/br/Sometimes in L3 Ill find that we need to work on other things besides movements, such as formations, musicality, etc. So it can be fluid in that way, too.



    Originally posted by Jan H on, both of you!br/br/I came up with a tentative 12-week syllabus, and when I went to implement week 2 last night, discovered that the dancers just werent ready for what Id put on the syllabus. So instead, we drilled steps that they already knew, and then someone commented that their quartet formation felt too large & spread put pillows around to create a smaller space for them to dance in, and we danced to a 15-min set - both facing towards and away from the mirror. I think they learned a lot from it - some of them had forgotten their quartet formations, and even how to transition in a circle (?!?), so making them dance closely pushed them to work with each other I guess it does have to be more fluid, and I have to have more patience. A LOT more patience. 🙂 Thanks!



    Originally posted by Rita on also put together a tentative 12 week syllabus, since we will need to start level 3 classes sometime this spring; I want to be prepared. Of course, tentative means flexibility too, and working on the fly at times...well see how it goes!



    Originally posted by Jennifer on - how did your 12-week syllabus go?br/br/Anyone else wish to share a 12-week Level 2 syllabus? I am looking at adding level 3 in September, and so am starting to put together a plan for this class now, so appreciate anyones feedback. 🙂



    Originally posted by Rita on just completed our whole Level 3-12 week curriculum for the first time and I think it went very well. We ran a pretty directed "down and dirty" 60 minute level 3 class with room to review the previous weeks moves and lots of drilling. The students enjoyed it and it flowed very well. Let me know if you want a copy of our format; I would be happy to e-mail it to you.



    Originally posted by Lucy on love for you to email that to me! I am not yet ready to start a level 3 class, as my students are brand new, but I like to plan ahead. Thanks for offering!



    Originally posted by Rita on is your e-mail address? Ill shoot it off to you. 🙂



    Originally posted by Jennifer on! I just sent you a message with my email address. Looking forward to seeing how you structured the class. 🙂



    Originally posted by Heather T on Rita,br/br/I would love for you to send me a copy of your curriculum too. If you are ok with it?br/My email is: so much:)



    Originally posted by SOOZ on you wouldnt mind!



    Originally posted by Lucy on you Rita! My email address is



    Originally posted by *** Diana Lee ** on Rita!!! br/br/If it is possible I would also like if you can send me copy of your Leve 3 Syllabus. I wont be opening a Level 3 yet but I will like to be ready. Ive been putting together a syllabus my self and was cosidering either 12weeks or 16. So maybe yours will help me decide wich way to you



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on there, go ahead and send your email address and I will send the syllabus. Rita is my business partner and she is out of Joan

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