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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on of you that have a student troupe, what is your criteria for a student joining the student troupe? Specifically, what level are they dancing, and are they asked to join or is entrance open after meeting specific criteria?br/br/Thanks. jms



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on more quick question, how often does your student troupe practice and for how long? Thx



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on!



    Originally posted by Sandi on student troupe, BlueDiamonds, is open to anyone in at least Level 3 and who has done one performance. In their guidelines, it maps out the progression to getting into the student troupe. They practice officially once a month, but they can also schedule more, if they want to or if many cant make it on a certain day or time.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on do they get to have one performance under their belt if they arent already in the troupe?



    Originally posted by Wendy on start out being chorus for their first performance, then work up to following and leading in formations.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on, Wendy!



    Originally posted by icy on have an advance student troupe and an all inclusive dance group. br/The group is open to all level who want to dance and spread their wings, NOT MANDATORY at all, but if they want. I set the perameters for each of the student troupe is open to level 3 people. The only stipulation I have at the moment is that prior to a performance that they have to attend classes no less than two weeks prior to the performance to be considered to dance. br/We have not established a more official practice yet, since it is still pretty new and the dancers seem to be going with the flow nicely. However, they are aware the more expectations placed on us the more we have to put into the dance to keep up the standard and keep improving. :)br/This would then potentially lead to a pro troupe, but I am in NO hurry for that currently and they know that too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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