Sunday Streets — Sunday, Aug. 18th

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    Carolena will be volunteering at Community Boards' booth at this month's Sunday Streets event in the Tenderloin and would like BDBD to provide some entertainment nearby to generate foot traffic.  This will be a fun street-fair style event with lots and lots of dancing that will help out a great organization.  More info about Community Boards [url=http://””]here[/url] and info about Sunday Streets [url=http://””]here[/url].More details to come, but chime in if you're interested!What:  Sunday StreetsWhere: The Tenderloin ([url=http://""]map of event area[/url])Date:  Sunday, August 18thTime: 2 hours between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.DancersSofiaJesseLarissaDebbieMary Ann



    I'm in 🙂



    Sofia:  I won't be able to do this gig on this day, sorry, but you all have a great time!  Sorry for not replying sooner, by the way. 



    This sounds like a great event for a good cause. I work on Sundays, otherwise I'd totally be there. Hope it works out!



    I would be happy to support the cause & dancing with the best! I wasn't able to pull up the street map though.



    Thanks Sofia,I'll add this info to the page. I haven't heard back from CB, BTW. Hmm.



    Hi Sofia Thank you for e-mail. I was able to pull up the street map on that…And,thank you for being our super points person!  Any music you choose will be good …I do like Bay city shimmy-Tin Tin-Parisen du nord though. See you there!



    Hi all, just a quick recap for our performance at Sunday Streets.  This was a really fun event, though we had some issues setting up because a taiko drumming group started playing down the street from us. We had one unpleasant encounter with a passerby after our set, but I suppose that kind of thing is to be expected.Here are some pointers for future participation in this event:

    • A large group is good for this kind of event, but not necessary -- we had 6, which felt just right
    • Don't worry too much about whether there are enough people around, just start dancing and people will show up
    • I put together two sets, which we broke out immediately before going on -- this worked fine, but you could just as easily put some random music on and just dance
    • Less is more -- no need to pull out all the stops move wise, it's better to stay basic and simple

    Also, in case you were wondering how we played music, the studio has a new portable PA system.  Carolena will develop a checkout system and I can give a rundown on how to use it at the next BDBD monthly meeting.



    Thank you Sofia for posting this recap. 



    Sounds like a great time.  Thanks for the recap!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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