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    Hello beautiful dancers 🙂So to my disbelief I actually managed to register for Homecoming yesterday 😀 😀 :D!!I have signed up for Kae's Katana workshop but as I am traveling from Ireland I can't bring my own sword with me.  I was hoping one of you local dancers may have a spare sword I could borrow for the workshop?  I'll be super extra careful and take very good care of it :)!!It'll be my first visit to the US so I'm very excited and a little nervous as I'll be traveling alone but I can't wait to meet and dance with you all 🙂Thanks!!



    Lindsay,We will be opening a Facebook group in the next several days where folks can discuss sharing rooms, borrowing swords, etc.  We will also post announcements and stuff there.  You aren't the only one who will need to borrow a sword!  Terri Allred



    Just a note: A friend was visiting and had to get her sword back to Spain. She had a cardboard box made up for her at one of those mailing stores. She sent it as a second piece of luggage on her flight. Worked like a charm for her!



    Thanks guys!!Sorry Terri....I most likely got a little over excited and jumped the gun a tad there!!! I like to be organized  😉Looking forward to meeting you all!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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