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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.Hi ladies,br/br/My question is a little different than the most recent on teacher fees. My business partner and I are about maxed out on the number of classes we can teach in a week but have much more demand for additional classes. We currently have one of our troupe mates that has been through GS teaching level 1 classes and she is paid through a free level 3 class for teaching a level 1 class. She will be taking TT in April as will two other of our students. We plan to use all three to teach classes as needed. The question I have is what do you pay someone who is teaching without her TT cert but has GS cert? What do you pay someone who is teaching and has is TT certified?br/br/Keep in mind we do not live in a large metro area so those rates may not apply. When you respond, please add the size of the area that you are teaching in.br/br/Thanks. Joan



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.bump!



    Originally posted by SOOZ on tribe.net.Hmmm...good question and Ive never had to address this "problem".....I think of it as hourly, $25 per class and also the bartering system of you teach this class and you get Level 3 classes for free! I pay my pro troupemates, whether I get paid or not, to instill professionalism, loyalty, and a sense of taking this seriously. Theyre not just "weekend warriors" or "housewife bellydancers". More of a stipend but it does make a difference and i do barter with product, classes, workshops, etc.



    Originally posted by SOOZ on tribe.net.ALSO...if i may add....the on the job experience of teaching this dance....thru another FCBD TT dancer....YOU are providing a priceless and invaluable service whether you know it or not! Not everyone can teach...it is definitely a "calling" not something you should feel you HAVE to do just cuz you are knowledgeable on a subject. It takes patience, leadership, patience, wisdom, patience, did I mention patience? :0)



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.Thank you for the feedback! jms

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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