The opposite problem- troupe members don’t want to teach

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    Many of you have had troupe members who can't wait to get their hands on teaching.  They may have even left you to break out on their own to be the teacher.  I don't have this problem. I have the opposite problem.  I'm in a position in my life where I need to make some choices.  As a result I've decided after much debate, and for reasons that I need not bore you with, to ask my troupe members to step up and take over teaching my Tuesday night classes which are Levels 1 and 2.  I openly invited them to consider what it entails, the time, dedication, and efforts it requires, the TT they would need to take in the next year, and the financial benefits they could possibly reap.  I also offered to split the classes (every other week) with them over the next year to ease them into it.  This way the students would have two teachers, which I love, and two people pushing and promoting the classes.  It also wouldn't be as daunting initially if they were on their own.  And yes, it would slowly allow me to release control which I must have over everything at all times.  😉 The problem?  No body wants to do it.  There's one dancer that would excel at it, but she doesn't have the time.  Then there's five dancers with zero interest but who I would still fully trust, and one dancer who has shown 'some' interest but who I don't think would be the best fit.  I definitely think she could get there, but only after a long hard year of attending level 1 to get the formula down and maybe another GS and probably two TT's, and constant online classes with Carolena.  What do I do if NO ONE wants to do it?What do I do if this someone who has shown some interest decides that's what she wants to do?Do I invest in her in the hopes that after she meets xyz criteria she can do it?Do I say screw it, sink or swim, they're your classes now, figure it out?  I'll mentor her all I can until she can get her butt into a TT and even after, but I'm going to have to let go at some point. I mean, are we every really 'ready'??  We all didn't start out as good teachers.  We all had learning curves over the years.  And I'm sure we are all still working on being better teachers every day.  As well, we learn 'on the job' every week.  At the very least we learn more about the movements and the dance form just being in the position to have to explain it.  Einstein said, "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough".  Any advice, experiences, or GFY are welcome! haha!  What funny position.  I'm so lucky I don't have any crazy self entitled troupe members that think they can do a better job than me.  But that's my problem!  Most Sincerely,Carrie



    I'm in a similar position.  All my troupe members say they want to teach.  But when it came time to get it going, only one person with moderate interest actually stood up for the challenge.  And unfortunately it didn't go well at all.  🙁 That was about 2 years ago. I found I really need someone who is fully committed and excited and organized.  In December, I created an anonymous survey for the troupe.  I asked who was interested and felt they were ready to commit to teaching.  All of them but one answered “yes.”  BUT all of the “yes” people added comments that explained why they “couldn't” do it.  sigh.  So I'm in the same boat.  So for me, I decided to continue teaching the classes that I can but had to cancel of of the weekly classes because I need to work on my thesis this semester.  I found that the desire to teach and the commitment and the ability are all different things.  Good luck. 🙂



    That's a tough one. Some dancers just want to learn and When I was dancing in another troupe, it was me and another SS that were introducing all the new moves. It was exhausting, mainly because we BOTH taught/teach our own classes and this was a performance troupe. Only TWO members would attend either one of our classes. We decided to do another approach to take the weight off our shoulders and to give other members some RESPONSIBILITY. We suggested that everyone pick ONE or TWO moves from Volume 9 and then teach it to the troupe. It worked well for a while- but then it eventually fell through the wayside when there were excessive absences. It's hard to teach a new move when ALL the members are not present. I'm no longer in that troupe. My dance partner now, she USED to teach. She is passionate about technique, and ATS® just as much as I am so we mesh well together.  She will be acquiring her GS this year and then will eventually save up for TT. I allow her to by my assistant in class because I TRUST her judgment and know she will not undermine my teaching. It sounds like you will be S.O.L. (still out of luck) until you give them responsibility to teach within your troupe, and THEN allow them to teach your class after they have been groomed. That leaves a question though- if they are NOT a SS... are they teaching under your business name that states you are a SS? I don't allow my dance partner to teach new students, since I am a SS- and if THAT is the reason why a student is coming to me for instruction I want to be sure to teach them. She is allowed to drill with my L3 students- but not teach any NEW vocabulary. Does that make sense...?  😮 

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