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    Tonight I noticed in class that one of my students stepped her feet differently on the T-Step while turning with the Circle Step. Instead of stepping with the left foot in front of the right (and then turning the right foot to match the left one's direction) she stepped with her right foot behind the left, so her feet formed an “upside down T”, so to speak.When I asked her about it, she told me she had recently learned it that way in a workshop, and that the teacher there had said that both versions were possible. In retrospect my student wasn't entirely sure though, if said teacher had only be referring to the Sahra Turn then (in which I, too, know of several possible ways of doing the footwork), or if she had been referring to footwork in general.So now I'm curious: is there an alternative version to the T-Step?



    I would say no.  The two different foot patterns causes you to do two different things with your hips.  The left crossing the right gives you the beginning of the hip circle to hold onto while the feet are turning.  The right crossing behind the right skips past that area and pushes your hip to the front, which is not where you want your hips to be while turning (only after you are facing in the direction you're landing in).  Plus, the latter causes you to lean more and we want to remain as level as possible in the upper body and head.



    Ah, thank you, Sandi! 🙂Well, I guess my student will have to re-learn her footwork on the T-Step then. And I will have to ask her to keep her skirt tucked up in a way that allows me to see her feet. That's why I never noticed it before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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