Transmission into Sahra Turn

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    If we will do the Sahra turn coming from the camel walk, our arms are in middle position. Normally the Sarah turn  starts with the arms in this position, going down to the left hip. But its not very clear and can be mistaken with the Wrap Around Turn.Is it correct, that the arms must go up over the head and then down to the hip to make it clear?My opinion ist, that for Wrap Around the arms only chest high, for Sahra Turn to the hips...Martina



    Sahra comes from the arms overhead.. it keeps it clean and makes for no mistaking.  I do the “Hey y'all, we're gonna turn” floreo overhead as learned from Megha and then bring the arms to the hip to initiate Sahra.  Coming from a Camel Walk, when finishing with the torso rotation th e arms can float up quite easily to the overhead position.



    That's correct.



    Thank you very much for your answers!  🙂Martina

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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