Travelling with slow moves when in a circle?

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    Originally posted by Katarina on the walking taxeem and the walking bodywave the only slow moves that you can travel with when in a circle? Could you just walk with slow, invisible steps while for example doing the cue for propellor/corcscrew turn, or get to move around in some other way?br/br//Katarina



    Originally posted by Alicia on - you can travel with corkscrew, propellor and barrel turns. For corkscrew and propellor you can either walk doing the set-up and then stay still during the turn, or do the set up in place and move around the circle with the turns.



    Originally posted by Carrie on never used the bodywave to turn the wheel. I guess I dont really use walking taxeem either. With that move, the hips are independent of the feet, I think it takes too long to get around. If we (my troupe) use taxeem to turn the wheel, we tend to use bigger steps, keeping a low center of gravity, and allow the hips to synch up with the footing so that we can get around faster. br/br/You can also just use undulating arms and floreo hands with arms sweeps (similar to the finish arm on barrel turn). I also think its perfectly acceptable to just walk with good posture and pretty arms without necessarily doing a move. br/br/IMHO.



    Originally posted by Leslie on say "quiet arms" when traveling in a slow circle, especially with new dancers whose arm moves arent quite perfected. I prefer the floreos, arms overhead, or at hips with l o n g strides, like Carrie lovelovelove the idea of using moves to travel! Has anyone ever seen the "walking rainbow?" I saw it on youtube. (Insert laughter here--can you all hear Carolena right now?)br/br/Good question!!



    Originally posted by Jennifer on you have a link to the walking rainbow?



    Originally posted by Erika on one from one of our performances:br/br/a href= starts at about half a minute. Devi said she liked it, so I think it should be ok for me to point it out as an example.



    Originally posted by Ursel on performance! 🙂



    Originally posted by Jennifer on!



    Originally posted by Maya Ekkadi on at around :19 seconds and at 2:02 you do a turn where both arms swoops down and you turn at same time. What is that move called? I took the GS certification 2 years ago and dont remember that move. Is it on their newest dvd? I dont have that one yet. I love that move and would love to add it to my library of ats moves!!!br/br/At :36 is that the rainbow move? Very pretty!br/br/At 1:00 minutes and 3:00 minutes, whats that move called? I like that one too! br/br/I really need to get the latest dvd from FCBD! I really loved the performance! Thanks for posting it!



    Originally posted by Ursel on think the move at 0:19 and 2:02 is called Pulse Turn, and the one at 1:00 and 3:00 must be the Loco Camel. Both moves were introduced into ATS by Devi Mamak from Ghawazi Caravan in Australia. br/They will be on the new DVD (Vol. 9, Anatomy of a Step), and no, they are not included in GS, because that would mean expanding the schedule by yet another day, and Carolena has decided against that. So we either have to look for workshops presenting these moves, or we have to wait for the DVD ... or both ... 😉 (I have yet to learn those moves, too; so far I only know enough to identify them by sight.)



    Originally posted by Erika on Maya, that at :36 is the Rainbow but is performed while travelling, so its a bit of a variation. br/You already got the other answers 🙂

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