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    Hey, you all!Last week my troupe performed to a multiple-facing audience. We were in a trio turning the wheel and more than a couple of times two of us took the lead at the same time in different directions, creating a bizarre two-leader formation until the third person physically drew the attention of one of the "lost birds".We know the diagonal formation in Cafe Style would help us with this, and we used it a few times; however, we wanted to please all audiences (front, back and sides), so we circled up to chance directions sometimes.I would like to know if Cafe Style (Trio) formation is the only solution for avoiding this embarrassing situation with multiple-audiences and keeping all existing improvisation cues/rules, or whether would be any other tips.  :-[[We thought about planning the leading or direction (front/back/sides) order in advance, but I think bad memory and irregular shape rooms would not help at all...  :o]Thank you!



    The awkward two-lead situation can happen in any formation – cafe style or stagger.  This usually happens if not everyone is paying attention to all dancers who could possibly take the lead.  In a multiple sided audience taking the lead needs to be very clear.  In staggers and diagonals, oftentimes, a dancer who has had the lead will pivot at a reasonable pace or maintain half turns, as a way to create an opportunity to hand off the lead.  This is for flipping the fronts, rather than circling.  Not every pivot or half turn is meant to be understood as handing off the lead, though.  If the group is keeping track, everyone will know which side needs attention, so while circling, the logical lead will go there.  I would be looking towards anyone heading that way or any other way that we haven't already faced.  Doesn't matter who is taking the lead or if they already had the lead before.  Another way to make it clear you're taking the lead from the circle is to change the move while still facing into the circle, then face the direction you want to set up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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