Triple Egyptian Fade move and cue

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    hello.  I've been told about an move called Triple Egyptian Fade.  From what I know, the fade starts immediately upon starting the Triple Egyptian, where the fade occurs during the parts of the Triple that face either front or back.  The person who suggested this move believes that the move is cued by the leader; the leader cues this move by a very quick step into the fade.  My concern with that cue is that if everyone joins into cueing the Triple Egyptian, then all dancers are looking over the right shoulder, where they would miss the fade cue.  My question is two-fold…. Is this a choreo move?    Second, does the cue really come from the #4 person? (who would be in the temporary lead at the beginning)  This would be much the same as other moves that depend on a new temporary leader.    This is definitely an advanced move that the group would discuss doing before the performance.  Can you help me with the cue?    thank you so much!  Alexandra



    I believe this would be Movement Dialect.  Jesse and Tessera Tribal performed this move at Homecoming in San Francisco this year and remembered.See at 9.17 mins xx



    That was meant to say 'I remember'  😉



    cool  I agree is does seem a Dialect move.  Maybe Jesse or someone knows about the cue question.  thank you for responding Kay!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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