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    Originally posted by kelley on wanted to say how wonderful it was to have Keli from Phoenix, Arizona visit our classes here in the UK. It really proved to all my students that once you know the ATS language you can travel anywhere and dance with others speaking the same was just magical to welcome a complete stranger and yet feel totally at one. No barriers - just dance, fun and a sense of belonging. Absolutely brilliant!!!!br/br/Anyone else got some feel good stories?



    Originally posted by laurie** on a year ago i started "tribal dance jam" just so ATS dancers could come together and dance. it is truly an amazing experience! love what carolena has done!



    Originally posted by Valizan on have been hosting something I call Shake! Sheikh! Shake! on the half year and the last one brought two faraway visitors: Razil flew all the way from Seattle to Toronto for a one-day ATS event with us, Euphraxia came in from Buffalo, NY, while Tehani drove in from Detroit to take was such a magical day to have new people come to play with us. And I specifically hosted The Shake to give my students a chance to get all ATSed up and talk with like-minded lovers of the form without the baggage of a show. There is a potluck (MMmm Key Lime pie!) in the other room and we nibble and dance and have groups dance for a look at this story I wrote for our local ATS newsletter:br/a href=



    Originally posted by Erika on, that seems great!br/br/When we were attending GS and TT, after each day of intense work we would meet again in the evening and dance. People from Russia, Germany, France, South Africa, England, Finland and many other places were blissfully dancing together. We had a blast, I just cannot stop smiling thinking about it. Other times before I had, in a non-ATS form, jammed and improvised with fellow dancers I didnt know, and it felt so different! With ATS we had a strong and fluent way to communicate, and the passion for ATS to bind us together, so it wasnt simplly dancing at the same time on the same stage while interacting, it felt like free flowing communication in dance form among people sharing the same love for it. Just as you said, Kelley: dance, fun and a sense of belonging. I thought it was sparkling joyful and solemnly moving at the same time.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on great experiences for me - first was at my last GS/TT, in January, and there were many of us who had traveled 4-5 hours to be there. We had a restaurant dinner one night with live drummers. I ended up dancing with a friend of mine who I had not actually danced with before, as well as another dancer who I had just met that week. It was so fun to improv not only with each other, but to music that wed never heard before that was live, as of the girls from Red Lotus was up here (BC, Canada) earlier this year to spend time with a relative, and she found me online and we got together to dance many times, even performing at a local health show. I made a great friend, and it was amazing to dance with someone from the FCBD studio, and see how easily we could communicate through movement!



    Originally posted by kelley on for sharing guys xxx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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