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    Originally posted by Lucy on tribe.net.Hi,br/br/Please can I have some clarification on the arms with the Waterpot.br/br/What I thought:br/br/Cue for 8 then hands are at hip level during 1-2-3-4, rising up on 5-6 then held overhead for 7-8br/Then press down to hip level again for 1-2-3-4 before rising up on 5-6 and over head again for 7-8.br/br/Also if so should we aim to press down for 1-2 and be in position at hip for 3-4 - like the transition to overhead?br/br/So when we are at the quarter-turn past starting angle after turning, our arms are in position either pressed down at hip level or overhead, not transitioning... is this right? br/br/Thanks very much! x



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.The arms move on the "and" so that theyre in position for "1". Its very quick.



    Originally posted by Lucy on tribe.net.On the -ands after the 4 and after the 8? So both transitions are quick?



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Yep!



    Originally posted by Lucy on tribe.net.Thank you 🙂



    Originally posted by Erika on tribe.net.Megha at our GS told us to rise the arms up in two counts, then hold overhead for two counts, then the arms are brought down quickly on "and" for the next turn with arms down. But I have often seen the Waterpot performed with both arms transitions made on the "and".



    Originally posted by * A L I N A * on tribe.net.Ok I have a question related to this topic.... if you had to put the explanation for the whole Waterpot step in writing, how would you do so?



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.Hi, Alina-br/Do you have a copy of vol. 7? Its broken down on that dvd.



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.The last GS I had in July- The 6 of us came out with the same answer which wasbr/arms come down in 2 counts and go up in 2 counts. Hmmm.....



    Originally posted by Field on tribe.net.I did my GS back in Oct of 2009 and at that time the instructions for the Waterpot arms were to float them up/down (think of an elevator). I think the move has evolved since then...it makes more sence to have the arms go up or down in a more snappy fashion over a shorter count. It increases the chances of everyone being in sync.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.actually Field, thats how i remember it being explained as well... at GS 2010. at least the going up part, to imitate the lifting of a water pot, and therefore to not make the move fast, but to carry it through the turn .... the going down being a count of two would get your hands/arms in place to look like the water pots handles as youre doing the turn... i think id have to get up off my butt and give it a go. however, that said, obviously im going to defer my thinking over to the experts *waves* 🙂 cuz theyd know better than me, for sure!! 😀



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Hey everybody, Im just callin it like I see it. On any video, especially Vol 7, you can see that the arms go up between each 4 count turn. Count it out. But I can see how if you think of the arms taking two counts, you will create a more graceful arm switch, rather than abrupt lifts and drops of the arms. YMMV.



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.I guess this is going to be the age old problem with so many of us trying to get it right from afar. br/Do we follow whats on the video?br/Do we follow what was taught to us in our most recent GS course?br/Do we follow what Sandi and Wendy spend their time explaining to us on tribe? br/Do we take the greatest common denominator and do what works with our troupes?br/br/Its always going to be a little hard. Gypsy Horizon always did our arms between the turns as explained and then in the most recent GS, it was taught in two counts. I thought I had just misinterpreted what was said. Then when my 5 other troupe members all came out hearing the two count version taught... I thought, okay, it must have changed. br/So now were just trying to figure out what works the best for us.br/br/Thanks to Sandi and Wendy for spending SO much of their time helping us and answering questions. We really do appreciate it!



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.I should clarify that those questions above arent necessarily going to be different. But there might be slight variances with a few of the moves. I also understand that with SO much information given at the GS courses that some stuff gets misinterpreted. 😉



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.YES, yes we do thank Sandi and Wendy for being so patient and helping us sort out all our questions!!br/i try to refer to the videos as much as possible, but ive also been told that the videos can be deceiving because they are flat and not 3D, and sometimes it skews the appearance of moves. br/br/and as always, im guessing that the music will be an influence as well?? br/br/so much to remember, so much to learn, so happy to be doing it all :)br/br/and thank you all so much for the input!!br/xoxo

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