When Facing Each Other: Neutral Lead or Not?

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    I was under the impression that when dancers are facing one another, the lead is neutral.  However, a couple of my troupe members who recently got back from Homecoming (I mention this because their memories might be fresher than mine), were puzzled when I said this and thought that this would be too confusing, and that the person who turned in kept the lead unless the circle is turning.Usually, when we are facing each other, we are turning the wheel and someone steps out into the lead. But tonight we were trying the Flower, in which case we weren't turning the wheel.I hope I'm making sense here.  Which is correct: the lead is neutral when dancers are facing each other, or the "original" leader keeps the lead until someone steps into the leader position?Thanks.



    The lead is neutral. Meaning - anyone can initiate a step once your group is facing in.






    In my troupe we think of it as, the lead is neutral until someone initiates a new step. But until someone actually initiates a new step, we continue with the step that brought us into the circle in the first place. So in that sense, you could think of it as the leader who initiated the step is still kind of the leader, in that their step is being continued until a new leader initiates a step, even though the lead is truly neutral.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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