Wireless Microphone for Teaching

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    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.Hello friends,br/I really hope someone can help me out with good advice on a topic I know nothing about -- wireless microphones.br/br/This fall Im hosting Carolena and Megha for a fairly large and extensive (9-day) ATS retreat, and the space we are renting requires mike amplification. I also teach, and host other workshops with big groups or big spaces, and the reality has dawned on me : its not fun to speak in a raised voice for hours or days at a time.br/br/Can anyone recommend a particular brand or model of wireless mike system that is ideal for dancing? How do they tie in to existing systems? What do I need to invest in? What has been your experience? Pitfalls, things to look out for?br/br/Many thanks,br/Katie



    Originally posted by Zina on tribe.net.Katie, you might want to check at your local rental place. They might be able to either advise you or provide the equipment you need. I find if you rent something you can usually rent it for far less by the week, rather than by the day.br/br/Have a wonderful event!



    Originally posted by Unknown on tribe.net.Hey Katie, br/br/I use a mic whenever I can since I teach in gyms daily. Samson makes one, model CR77. They retail for about $350. The one I have has no wire at all, the receiver is built into the head set. It was actually less expensive than the one with the pack that clips to your belt. br/br/You could probably rent one, what you need to check out is if the stereo system youll be using can handle it. It has to have a mic out and have enough juice so that you wont fry it. Id call or look up Samson mics and see what the wattage output is,then check the wattage on the amp youll be using. A lot of specialty music and audio stores sell them. and they should be able to answer your questions.br/br/Good luck!



    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.Hi Mimi,br/br/Thanks a ton for the help -- I really need to know what other teachers personal experience is before I invest.br/br/Loving your video very much, BTW,br/br/br/Katie



    Originally posted by SOOZ on tribe.net.Get on Craigslist! I work for a childrens theatre company where we perform 5 days a week, 1-5 shows a day, sometimes outdoors, having wireless mics enhances the experience for the kids themselves!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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