World Vegetarian Festival 2015 – Oct 3 3pm

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    Hola Blue Diamonds,Carolena approved my posting this here.  Al-hambra Tribal Dance is performing again at World Vegetarian Festival on October 3rd.  This is one of our favorite annual gigs, joyous, soul-gratifying, and full of kind, loving people and Great Food!  We'd love to have some folks join us to round out our numbers.  Location is the County Fair Building at 9th/Irving, show time at 3pm, and we usually do a 20 minute set - if we have a large number, we can do up to 30.  We've also asked those lovely Fresno ladies, Brazen Tassel, too!  Plug-and-play, no rehearsals, just dress up in your prettiest and dance for some lovely people!  Who's in?Leigh Anne



    Hi Leigh Anne,      Sounds like a great event, but won't be able to participate.  Thanks!  Sue



    I will try! Won't know until the week before. Sounds fun!



    Thanks to folks who have responded offline, and we have our set, but are happy to have others join us!  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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